GV60 Priority One Reservations

Discussion in 'GV60' started by Jamas, Apr 14, 2022.

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  1. David Conner

    David Conner New Member

    Thanks to this post update, I put down $500 on 4/17. Looks like a great design!

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  3. Dingbat534

    Dingbat534 New Member

    Are the reservations full? I can’t seem to find it in the genesis site
  4. David Conner

    David Conner New Member

    I just called Genesis and learned that the reservations are closed. If I understand correctly, it took just 2-3 days to fill up all the orders for the 4 states it was offered in…
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  5. jbgv60

    jbgv60 New Member

    I was lucky enough to sign up for Priority One on the first day and have been checking in with the Genesis Concierge and local NJ dealer since then. Based on all the feedback I’ve gotten it seems unlikely that deliveries will begin in the Spring. I think dealers will get show models before spring’s end and then orders placed and deliveries not until mid to late summer. Anyone else get any intel to the contrary throughout this process?
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  6. jbgv60

    jbgv60 New Member

    Has anyone received any updates from Genesis Concierge or your local dealer recently?
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  8. J-B

    J-B New Member

    No news yet
  9. jbgv60

    jbgv60 New Member

    Thanks! I realize I’m probably being too impatient, considering the global supply chain issues. I just assumed we might know something soon considering the launch is supposedly “spring”.
  10. jbgv60

    jbgv60 New Member

    I meant to add…UK just launched ordering and first vehicles apparently are to be delivered June 6. I’ve also been following Canada but they have no new information, same boat as we are. Pricing in UK when converted to USD is very high but not sure that comparison is relevant. The rumored CAD pricing when converted to USD seems reasonable to me.
  11. No news on my end.
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  13. What is the rumored CAD price (converted to USD)?
  14. jbgv60

    jbgv60 New Member

    take this with a huge grain of salt....
    • Advanced ~ $66,000 CAD --> $51,210 USD
    • Performance ~ $76,000 CAD --> $58,970 USD
    These values were thrown around on this forum GV60 Canadian Pricing Estimations | Genesis Forums (genesisowners.com) and again here GV60 Canadian Deposit - Local Dealer Information & Timelines | Page 22 | Genesis Forums (genesisowners.com).

    *These prices are definitely "low" when you compare them to US prices for top of the line ioniq5 or EV6s so there is some disconnect in these estimates. I'm assuming these CAD figures might not include excise taxes or other import costs and/or maybe they are subtracting out Canadian government subsidies/incentives (i.e., their version of our $7,500 tax credit). So it is tough to calibrate this cost against USD.

    I would guess that the Advanced should come in $5 to $7K more than the ioniq5 Limited ($53,545) or around $60K to $62K. Anything over that would likely push people people to other EV options. I think Genesis needs to be very careful in how they enter the market. I personally am not keen on paying more than $58 to $60K on the GV60 Advanced.
  15. jbgv60

    jbgv60 New Member

    Has anyone heard from their Concierge since the pricing/review news on May 17? Concrete details on deliveries to dealerships, test drives and fulfillment of Priority One orders?
  16. J-B

    J-B New Member

    Nothing has happened to me since then.

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  17. No, nothing yet here in CT.
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  18. Just to keep everyone on this forum up to date, I was contacted by my concierge today. I’m in CT, but the closest dealer she could hook me up with is in Long Island, NY. While I haven’t heard from that dealer yet, another poster on a different forum notified me that he was also referred to that dealer and, after talking with them, was told that they would be marking up the price about 20% above MSRP. Needless to say, I am really upset right now, especially since the dealer in my town doesn’t mark up above MSRP, but they aren’t being given any Priority One allocations. This whole process has put a really sour taste in my mouth for Hyundai/Genesis.
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  19. J-B

    J-B New Member

    It is insane!

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  20. jbgv60

    jbgv60 New Member

    I’m sorry to hear that….I was also contacted by the Concierge on Monday and was told my “local” dealer per the zip code wasn’t getting any GV60 but they connected me to another dealer in NJ who does. I was lucky enough to be paired with a dealer that says that they are sticking with MSRP. But it shouldn’t be up to luck, it’s totally unfair and unbalanced as your case shows. I get that per law Genesis Corp can’t set dealers prices but for an early access program like Priority One they should’ve made sure there is consistency in launch. I’m sure they could’ve said to dealers “you have to provide priority one deposit holders with vehicles at no markup or we won’t give you the cars”’

    And for what it’s worth, even though I was fortunate to get paired with a dealer that isn’t marking up the vehicle it still was a confusing and disorganized process. The Concierge forwarded the info to the dealer with little explanation and so the dealer called me thinking I was just a normal online purchaser and was going to put me on the non-Priority One list. It took me a while to correct the misunderstanding. Besides that, no one has any idea on delivery dates and from everything they said it doesn’t appear that priority one deposits translated into actual production vehicles, rather if you are lucky your paired dealer might get a vehicle that matches your preference
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  21. Can you share the name of the dealer in NJ? I believe the Concierge will allow me to switch.
  22. J-B

    J-B New Member

    No contact yet to me.
  23. Zen

    Zen New Member

    I had a test drive in a GV60 on the 2nd if memory serves me right. My deposit was returned yesterday. It was a nice car but a bit underwhelming for 80+grand ($CDN). I was expecting a 4-5 passenger luxury car. I found the back seat was hard to get into and get out of. My wife and I only had a 20 minute or so ride which probably wasn't enough to convince us to pop for this vehicle. I don't see that this car is worth ~30k more than an Ioniq5 or EV6, after government rebates here in Quebec.

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