Factory, Tuxmats or WeatherTech?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by amy2421, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. GV Ottawa

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    Other than the rear hump coverage which isn't a problem for me as that's where I've put my garbage can, I really like the OEM mats that I purchased. I think they fit great in the front seats! They don't feel flimsy at all to me.
  2. BertBDJ

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    This may be another Canadian difference in the Cars, but my car had a one piece OEM fabric mat for the rear seats. I only noticed when I installed the Tuxmats and went to remove the rear mats. So really, (at least in my car) there was no reason not to get the Tuxmats.
  3. iluvscuba

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    I believe you and su-A-ve are talking about 2 different things. You are talking about the included fabric floor mat and the rear one is a 1 piece which covers the middle hump wheres I beieve su-A is talking about the optional all-season floor mats with high sides and in that case, it is 2 pieces so they don't cover the center hump in the back row
  4. RoysHonda

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    I ordered the Tuxmats when there was a 15% sale. They are coming from Canada, and should be here soon. I take delivery of the car for my wife September 10th. I'll keep everyone posted when they are installed and our opinions.
  5. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    I just received my Weathertech floor liners today. I'm happy with the quality, but these are the first Weathertech product I'm disappointed with in a couple decades of being a customer. Way back in post #4, @KentuckyKen wrote that the liners don't come all the way back to the seats in the footwell like the factory all weather rubber mats do. I should have paid more attention to that post, because I think Weathertech coulda/shoulda/woulda put just a bit more effort into design and covered that area to the rear of the footwell. I get that spot muddy/sandy/grassy all the time going on dogs walks when using the factory carpet mats and I imagine in the winter the slush will build up there and run under the Weathertech. I'm going to keep the Weathertech because coverage in the front of the footwell is great, but caveat emptor for anyone looking at the Weathertech for full footwell coverage (no) or for an accurate photo on their web site (no). Fortunately, they do install and remove extremely easily for any needed cleanup.
  6. Gbuff

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    Anyone buying Tuxmats in Toronto, the factory store will install them while you wait. I got mine today during lunch hour as I work nearby the Scarborough location. Purchase and install done in about 15 minutes! The fit is very good and they look great. I don't have passengers often, but still got the full set. The coverage in the rear is excellent.
  7. ChrisP

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    I could not find the clarity tuxmat trunk picture on their website so I emailed them to see if it would fully cover the trunk. It looks like it would be another perfect fit with full coverage.

    Darn I can’t attach the picture from my phone. Will try from a computer later

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  8. ChrisP

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    Here is the pics for people interested:
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  9. larrenz

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    Thanks for the pic. Looks like it perfectly conforms to the contours of the trunk.
  10. Agzand

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    I was not initially happy with the factory trunk liner due to not covering the hump in the trunk, but seeing how some items are a tight fit in that space (like a carry on), I think adding a trunk liner will make it even more challenging to use. If I have something wet/dirty (e.g. boots, wet towels, etc.) I just put it in the tray and make sure it can't slide. Overall I am happy with factory all weather mats and trunk liner.

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