Counting Crossovers -- tracking what's coming and when.

Discussion in 'General' started by Domenick, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    Thanks, this is great
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  3. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    Domenick: Can we create a new thread under the sales figures (the top portion of the general forum rather than the bottom) with this and similar links upfront, so that anytime any wants to see the latest status, we know exactly where to go.

    @protomech, if we can add one more column with base cost or even just range (e.g $, $$,$$..... For example, $=less than $35,000, $$= $35,001 to $70,000, $$$=$70,001-$105,000, $$$ above $$105,001
  4. I had this pinned, but it wasn't seeing much traffic, so it's free floating now. It will stay up in the mix as long as people post to it.

    Regarding the sales thread, I was considering unpinning it and/or trying a different strategy, adding posts with all our sales figures as they are published.
  5. Jimmy Truong

    Jimmy Truong Member

    And then...there’s coming the most anticipated one that’s superior to the rest: Tesla Model Y!

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