Compliance car and Honda execs don’t believe in plugs.

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Wayne Wilson, Jan 13, 2020.

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  1. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    Tesla actually raised prices of the Model 3 as their credit was expiring last December.
    Very few vehicles (electric, gas, hybrid or whatever) are actually sold at MSRP. Consumers feel it is their right to get a discount, and the manufacturer/dealer model has that factored in. Consumers tend to feel ripped off if they have to pay MSRP (or above) for a vehicle. Studies have repeatedly shown that consumers feel like they paid too much if the dealership doesn't put heavy pressure on them to pay a higher price.
    Tesla uses a different model and does not set an MSRP for the year and then vary the discounts and incentives available. They change the price and/or features included multiple times in a year. This has essentially the same result, but seems to make people feel good about paying the "sticker" price with no negotiations possible.
    Most people dread going to a dealership to buy a car because of the negotiation aspect and the fear that they will pay too much or not get the best deal possible. I actually enjoy the process. Buying services like Costco Auto have gained in popularity for this very reason. Reality is that you can do as well or very often better on your own, but it takes time and research. Most people just want to feel like they are getting a "good" price, and buying services provide that with little to no effort.

    I agree that the Federal EV subsidy is poorly designed, but the opposing sides that want it eliminated altogether vs modifying/extending it likely mean it will stay the same.
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  3. LegoZ

    LegoZ Active Member

    I trolled my dealer:


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  4. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    Did you let him know that a response like that exposes his ignorance and reduces the likelihood of repeat business and/or referrals?
    There is not a single correct fact other than the last sentence. Probably what he has been trained/coached to respond, but it is still his integrity and reputation on the line.

    Currently Honda does not offer any full electric vehicles in the US. The Clarity Electric was available in CA and OR, but has been discontinued. The Honda e is not planned to be sold in the US).
    The lack of charging infrastructure B.S. held some merit 5 years ago, but even then people could charge at home.
    Most Honda dealers don't have charging stations outside available to the public. I know of zero in Oregon where both the Clarity Electric and Fit EV were offered.

    Honda's "electrification" plans have been expanded to include hybrids in the definition. With this refocus, they are "actually increasing the number of electrified models available" as compared to their previous goals.
  5. Arguably, the infrastructure to allow long distance travel via BEV is extremely sketchy in much of the country still.
    I find myself wondering how well Ford will do with the Mach-E vehicles, given that.
  6. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    Not every vehicle sold, no matter the drive train, is used for long distance travel.
    Our Clarity BEV (and before that the Fit EV) has taken us from Oregon to Chicago and back many times on a single charge. We don't have the time to drive on those kind of trips - that's why they make airplanes.
    There have been only one or two times in the last 6 years where we left the EV at home and took our "Gas guzzling" 42 mpg hybrid when a 250ish mile EV would not have been sufficient without on the road fast charging available.
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  8. Is there any research to support that statement? Every car dealer that I’ve dealt with for the past 40+ years has been at least that ignorant and devoid of facts, yet they still continue to sell cars. I’d rather spend my time herding cats than attempting to rehabilitate car dealers.

    If definitions for Zero Emissions Vehicle, Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle and Clean Air Vehicle are acceptable, then we should also be willing to accept PHEV’s and Hybrid vehicles as part of the “electrification” process.
  9. Honda really should advertise that the Clarity BEV can go 2000 miles on a single charge. I’m selling my Tesla stock.

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