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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Davidmb70, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Davidmb70

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    Is it possible the Niro Ev can be charged more than the rated range? I have 275 miles from last night's charge.
  2. TandM

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    The rating is an EPA estimate. The number you will see on your dash reflects several factors including recent driving style, weather, programmed in destination influences including elevation changes, etc.

    During non-winter temperatures, I see 300+ miles of range routinely. I only dipped close to 250 in late December and early January when the temperature where consistently below freezing.
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    I'm consistently seeing 295-mile range at 100% state of charge in the Seattle area right now. We are still in the mid- to upper-60s but will be getting a bit warmer soon. I expect my range to climb with the warmer temps. We got our Niro EV in August of last year and we are loving it. I had to rent a car last weekend while on a trip and hated the lack of power it had and having to fill it up with gas.
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    Yes!!! And that was the most wonderful thing about it, finally, a car manufacturer promised something, then OVER DELIVERED by leaps and bounds. It was a very pleasant and fun surprise because 300 miles is a much better proposition than 239 miles when heading out on the open road.
  6. I charged to 80% last night and got a 312 estimated range. At the time my consummation was indicating 6.2 miles per KW.
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  7. I charge to 80% and come in around 240 or 245 estimated range.
  8. Lucky Chow

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    I charge to 70% and get 204 miles.

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