Changing nexans to All season

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by popnfrresh, Sep 28, 2019.

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    Benny is that $50 each or for 4 ..
  2. Robbert

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    I remember reading on this forum that people were having trouble selling them. I figured I'd try to post them for $200 and see what happens. Had a "bite" in less than 2 hours. I think maybe I should have put them up for $300. :)
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    I have always been a Nokian fan but when I did a side by side comparison of the WGR4 and the Nordman WR (the old WGR2 design) they were very comparable. The WGR4 ranked higher in road noise and wet cornering, but the WR ranked higher for hydroplaning resistance. The WR tread was more agressive. The WGR4 has a 20,000 km longer tread life warranty 100 Vs 80. But they are 70 dollars more per tire. So I went with the Nordmans. Got caught in a snow storm in Southern Alberta and had no issues getting around.
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    Yes, but sold already.
  5. Robbert

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    Another update on the Michelin CrossClimate+ --

    As I mentioned before, definitely noisier than the Nexens were on smooth pavement, but a different noise spectrum. Un-scientifically, it sounds like a higher frequency white noise.

    There is also some mileage impact -- I would guesstimate about a 0.2-0.3 mi/kWh drop compared to similar circumstances (temperature, speed, driving style, etc). I usually get 3.8/3.9 mi/kWh on my way to work, and around 4.1-4.2 mi/kWh back (difference being mostly due to temperature changes). These numbers were pretty consistent for my commute the past couple of weeks on the Nexens. Now I get closer to 3.5/3.6 mi/kWh into work and around 3.8/3.9 mi/kWh back.
    Most of my driving is highway at around 75 mph. Mornings have been in the low to mid 40s and afternoon in the mid 60s.

    I had read somewhere in this forum that someone put some sound deadening mats in the trunk of the Kona (on all the exposed metal). When I looked on Amazon, I found this: for $32. I put them in last night, never having done anything like that before. It was easy and took me maybe a half hour, start to finish. So now all the exposed metal in the trunk is lined with the Noico mats, and the bins sit on top of that. No problem fitting the bins or cargo floor back in after applying the mats. You can probably get away with a mat kit 1/2 the size of this since I have about 1/2 left after covering the trunk.

    This morning on my drive to work, the car seemed like a cone of silence (relatively). Absolutely amazed with the difference! Most of the high frequency white noise from the tires is gone! Who'd have thunk?!?
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  6. That is very interesting. I have been thinking of adding sound deadening. Do you have any pics of the exact areas and how you did it?
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  7. Robbert

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    I'll take some pictures tonight and post them. Didn't think of taking them after I put it in. It was really simple though.
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  8. Robbert

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    Here are some pictures -- All I did is clean the metal with rubbing alcohol, let it dry for a minute or two, then cut the sheets to the size I wanted and put them in, pushing gently and making sure they conform to all the metal ridges and bumps. You can't see the sheets with the covers in at all. And they seem to be fairly removable in case you stick them down wrong.

    20191015_204028105_iOS.jpg 20191015_204037634_iOS.jpg 20191015_204046129_iOS.jpg 20191015_204053526_iOS.jpg 20191015_204103143_iOS.jpg
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  9. Robbert

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  10. I see on your cargo area, you don't have the cargo mat installed, just the factory carpet. I have the cargo mat so not sure if I will get the same amount of sound reduction you did it. But I am going to give it a try and will see.

    I did some measuring and I think I will also get the 18 sqft. If I have some left over, maybe use it elsewhere. Will let everyone know how it works out.
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    Reviving this old thread to give everyone a quick update on my tires -- I have been struggling with the CrossClimate+ tires for the past month to try to get them balanced properly.
    Went back to the tire shop with the original set to rebalance once, they made some small adjustments, but there was still vibration at over 60-70 MPH. I went back, they swapped them out for a new set since they thought it could be a manufacturing defect. That set ALSO vibrated at 65-70 MPH. Today I went back and had them change the CrossClimate+ for Michelin Primacy Tour tires.

    Holy cow.. What a difference! Super quiet (as in significantly more quiet than the CrossClimate+) and no vibration.
    Going to take a bit of time to get some idea of the impact on mileage, but so far I'm impressed.. Traction seemed ok, just slight skidding when I floored it from a stop. No skid when flooring it at 10-20MPH. And this was on a rainy, cold day here in NH. The Nexens were definitely more "slippery".

    Just in case anyone is looking for alternative tires...
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  12. These are All Season, right?
  13. Robbert

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    Yes, all seasons. Apparently they're new. I wanted to put the Nokian WRG4 on, but nobody in my area could get them. Apparently backordered everywhere.

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