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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by popnfrresh, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. popnfrresh

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    Looking to change the nexans out for some sort of all season tire. Usually run Continental DWS on my WRX, but it isnt available at costco. Would prefer there since they have their tire install package and im there ALL the time so ill actually get the rotations done.

    Installation package includes mounting, balance, nitrogen tire inflation, lifetime Rotation, lifetime Flat Repair, lifetime Inflation Checks, new rubber valve stem & Costco Wholesale's Road Hazard.

    Any recommendations?

    How much range are you going to lose by switching to non low rolling resist tires?
  2. I'm convinced that unless you drive on a temperature controlled dynamometer you will never be able to tell if it makes a milage difference. I swap the Nexens for winters and notice little difference in performance. Cold weather, wind and precipitation play much bigger roles.
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  3. Paul DeLeon

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    I suggest the Vredestein Quatrac 5. I had a Civic before and squeezed 42 MPG out of the stock high mileage tires. Changer to Vredestein and got the same. Also Consumer Reports noted these tires have the lowest rolling resistance of any they checked.
  4. ehatch

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    Installing Khumo ECSTA PA51, 94W ; 215/55/17. I have used Khumo I'ZEN KW winters before on Saab, Mercedes,and they were excellent for the price.
  5. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    We put the Michelin CrossClimate all weather tires on our Kona EV in February. Love them. Really can't comment on mileage impact as we had them put on before we took delivery. They were great in the snow.
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  6. Benny

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    Is anyone running on Toyo Celsius? My tire shop is recommending it over Michelin Cross Climate. Wonder if someone can share experience with the Celsius.
  7. ehatch

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    The article tells me to get winter tires if you actually have snow in your winter.Actual snow tires would provide better stopping distance. Ice,I can't see all season tires handling as well in any circumstance because of the compound. I would be too soft for the warmer seasons while appropriate for freezing temperatures.

    The Khumo ECSTA PA51, 94W ; 215/55/17 I have installed for a full day now have the snow flake symbol.It will work for the light snow I may see pre installing winters,or post removing. Tire grip,the rubber now grips so much better on acceleration,that annoying squeal is pretty much gone!Handling,also improved on city streets where you have varying surfaces.The ride feels more stable overall.
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  8. The reviews indicate a lot less noise and seem to be an affirmative / inexpensive replacement. Thanks for the info.
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  9. This is our situation, I don't think an all climate tire would be good enough for the amount snow, poorly maintained roads and the average -20 to -30C degree weather we experience in the winter. As much as I hate buying stuff before I have the car, currently its looking like a February delivery so the snow tires are inevitable.
    I scored a set of 4 used 17 aluminum rims off Kijiji for $150. Sold the the half decent all terrain rubber on them. They came off a Hyundai so the wheel size, bolt pattern, center bore are correct and offset is very close to the Kona spec wheel. Just need to pick up some new winter rubber. Thinking about General Altimax Artic 12. I have used these similar tires before with great success in the snow without too much road noise. Just got a great price on 4 new 433 mhz TPMS sensors online. I already have a programmer, a cheepo tire changer and static bubble wheel balancer at home so will do the tire install in our garage.
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  10. Benny

    Benny New Member

    Finally decided to go for the Nokian, to be installed this Saturday. In case anyone wants an extra set of the stock Nexen for $50, please let me know. They have been used for 5k km. I'm located in Vancouver. Thanks
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  11. Vanryan

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    I’m getting the wrg4 Nokians as well on Saturday. These Nexens are awful.
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  12. Robbert

    Robbert Active Member

    I'm putting on the CrossClimate+ tomorrow. We've had some rainy days here and when the pavement is wet, just getting started from a light or in a turn makes the wheels spin (and that is NOT pushing it). And I had some over (or is it called under?) steer on a highway off-ramp that was pretty scary. Hoping the noise is reduced as well, but not holding my breath on that one. The Nexens don't seem to be really bad, depending on the pavement type. New asphalt, and they're quiet as a mouse...
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  13. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    I did a harder acceleration today,and all 4 tires (khumo pa51) gripped. NO stupid chirping :p Met an Elantra owner. They have Continental tires?! Not that I like them , but they're better than our Nexens. Range, I am still below EPA,NRCAN ratings.
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  14. Robbert

    Robbert Active Member

    Just got my new CrossClimate+ on there after the stock Nexens for the 1st 1500 miles on the car. First impressions: No more tire squeal under hard acceleration, but I did manage to make them spin in a corner only one time.
    Noise level is varied -- there is an area of pavement on the highway near me that is fairly rough (older pavement). I actually felt the roughness with the Nexens as vibration inside the car. I do not feel that anymore (or maybe slightly) with the Michelins. The corresponding noise level on THAT stretch of road has gone down, significantly. Now, I did hear a low frequency "hum" when going at lower speeds when I just had the tires put on. I did not hear this later, so that might just be new-ness.

    I also noticed that the tire place inflated them to 40PSI, not 36. I'll have to drop them down to 36 and see if they get quieter.

    Efficiency / mileage, if affected, appears to be minor. I got 3.9 mi/kWh on the way to the tire shop (Nexen) and 3.8 mi/kWh on the way back (Michelin). Similar driving conditions, mostly highway @75 MPH. We'll see what happens over the next few weeks. Tomorrow, there is rain in the forecast. Curious to see what the grip is like. The Nexens were very slippery on wet pavement.
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  15. On the stock rims I assume 215-55 R17?
    Incidentally if you teach them the words- they may stop humming :D
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  16. Robbert

    Robbert Active Member

    Yes, stock rims and 215/55R17. And I'll try to sing the words out louder next time. Maybe they'll hear me and eventually get it. Although I think that humming is less objectionable than singing tires.... Hmmm.. :)

    Anyone in the New England area interested in some Nexens with 1500 miles on them? If I had a quarter for every post in this forum asking the same question, I think I'd be rich.... Hopefully between Facebook and Craigslist, someone will grab them...
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  17. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member

    Love my Nokians!
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  18. Robbert

    Robbert Active Member

    Already sold via Facebook @ $200.. Not bad. :)

    After driving another 50-some miles on the new CrossClimate+ tires - definitely quieter on rough pavement, but noisier at a higher frequency on smooth pavement. Haven't had a chance to test wet traction yet, but dry traction is MUCH better. The Nexens were much noisier too when I first drove the car off the lot. So I'm hoping that after 1000 miles or so, it'll get a little quieter. The tire place did screw up inflation -- one at 40 psi, two at 35 and one at 33. I did fix that the other day. Now all at 36 psi cold.
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  19. You got a great price... I bought a set of 4 stock Nexen with 11 km on them(owner changed to CrossClimate+ upon delivery) for $80;)
    I intend to use them on a trip in the near future and for the price if one of mine blows out the sidewall I have a cost effective replacement.
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