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    Yea its kind of funny my Greenlots card worked the other day at Nanaimo Superstore and I know it works downtown, but Qualicum has always rejected me and its got me scared to do longer distance trips not knowing.
    Now that a new card has been sent, my old Greenlots card is de-activated so its L2 for a couple of weeks -hopefully:(
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    I just ordered a Greenlots RFID card too for $9 after the charger in Vernon kept kicking me off/not accepting the Greenlots app to start charging. Was told by the telephone rep that I could use a rfid card which I don’t have to start charging. Will leave in my glove box as back up in more remote areas of BC in case app doesn’t work to unlock charger. I hope not to have to pay to collect any more of these RFID cards.
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  3. electriceddy

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    You are not alone according to the reviews here:
    My problem was the opposite where my RFID was not working at certain machines, hope yours works better.
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    I only have a Greenlots card, and have never had a problem at a BC Hydro charging station.
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    This is really the way to go, could use batch processing in non network areas. However it will probably be some time before we see this:
    Note: would be a benefit for all charging networks, not just B.C. Hydro
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