Battery Recall for Canadian Kona Owners

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by mcsquared, May 31, 2021.

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  1. Apparently it was a "broken wire". Hoping to get more details when I pick the car up.
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  3. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    Broken wire on one of the essential CAN busses, I'd wager...

  4. What's a CAN bus?
  5. Anaglypta

    Anaglypta Member

  6. Is speaking in code a requirement? Some people enjoy when questions and answers are actually understood.
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  8. Anaglypta

    Anaglypta Member


    Just for clarity, this somewhat derogatory term is often used when someone asks something that they could quite easily have looked up themselves. I've used it in a kind of tongue in cheek way, but forgot to add an emoji to convey that feeling! :p

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  9. It was a broken wire at a connector to the "three way valve". So I'm going to assume it was part of the battery coolant system. Warranty work. No charge.
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  10. I got a call this morning from my dealer in Waterloo, Ontario. He was just checking that I still owned the Kona and that his shop would be the one to do the replacement. He said they don't actually have a date for battery delivery but I was told to get prepared to bring it in during August. I got delivery of my 2019 Kona in Sept 2019. Will keep everyone updated when I hear more.
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  11. I can see this battery thing unfolding just like the initial delivery debacle. Random reports, random battery deliveries to random owners for random reasons. :(

    Having said that, have you had any "symptoms" of battery issues that might move you up the queue?
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  13. Seems very random, I've had no problem with the battery and never brought it in for any repairs.
  14. Ya, I was just wondering if there were any obvious factors that would move your car, 7 months+older than the first deliveries, ahead of the older vehicles. But again, I think it's totally random. It's also possible that your dealer is also a victim of misinformation and the swap isn't as imminent as he believes. Do update the group though. We're all curious for word.
  15. I just got a call this morning from my dealer, out of the blue, to inform me that they had received a battery and are ready to install it in my vehicle. I double-checked and they said that, yes, they have the battery at the shop right now. I say out of the blue because I had never pestered them about it or asked to be put at the front of the queue or anything: the battery arrived, just like that. My appointment is next Monday (August 2nd) and should take 4 hours. I will get my car back the same day.

    Yes, seems pretty random.

    2019 Preferred, in Laval, QC.
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  16. Please let us know when and if it happens. You might be the first Canadian swap if it does.
  17. MGrognon

    MGrognon Member

    Great to see they are starting to replace these in Quebec. I've heard of one other in the province (on the Kona FB group) being replaced without an underlying cause (e.g. without the Kona being "bricked" by BMS beforehand) so happy to read this. Mine is a early 2019 build (got it in June 2019) from St-Jerome so fingers crossed I get mine before Winter is here... 80% summer range is fine, 80% winter range won't be.
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  18. I'm looking for patterns or motivatations here. Any idea about factors affecting the Facebook swap? Older car? Bitchy owner?
  19. MGrognon

    MGrognon Member

    The latter it would seem. The lady said she emailed / called Hyundai Canada (not the dealership) numerous times saying things like give me 20% of my $$ back if you're going to "Withold" 20% of my battery capacity (etc. etc...). She apparently had other issues (not battery related) before and called her Kona "a lemon" so I feel it's plausible this one is due to her complaints / previous issues, but she can't know/confirm for sure.
    This was at Albi Mascouche Hyundai. She purchased it there in July 2019 but doesn't know manufacturing date (likely early 2019). They did the swap on June 23 (one day job) from what I can see.
  20. Maybe time to be a squeaky wheel!
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  21. Hyundai is/was supposed to update their recall guidance with Transport Canada yesterday. I plan to check with TC this week to see if it happened and what it says if it did.
    A call to Hyundai Customer Service yesterday resulted in the usual robotic "we have no remedy at this time" drone. I even countered that with reports of battery replacements in Quebec apparently happening but it did not change anything.

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