Arrival Updates?

Discussion in 'Q4 e-tron' started by GDOG, Oct 27, 2021.

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  1. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    My local Audi dealer called me yesterday to let me know they’re expecting one demo Q4 in the next two weeks and asked if I want to schedule a drive. He said they maybe delivering cars between 3-6 months from now . These guys are a year late and a pound short! Other brands have been delivering cars for some time now.
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  3. GDOG

    GDOG Member

    It definitely appears that Audi is gearing up. The 5K increase is a bummer but not a deal breaker I guess. They realized it was way underpriced given the pent up demand. It does however make the more expensive Rivian a real contender.
  4. So I figured out last night why the price increased - there is NO RWD model. All three trims you can build and price are Quattro trims. So AWD only, which explains the price bump. I kind of understand why they did that, as the RWD was not very performance oriented, and I'm sure more profit is baked into the AWD price. Still sucks for me though as I'm one that doesn't care about the performance, I'd rather have the cheaper price and the additional range.

    BUT it gets worse - now this AM, the USA site is showing even HIGHER prices!

    Right now it shows the premium trim starting now $53.3k! Yesterday it was $49.9K! So to even get into one with Adaptive cruise you are looking at 60k!

    This is *way way* out of this guys' price range. So I'll sell my Leaf and try and get in line for a entry ID4 or a SE Ioniq 5 or something.

    Hard to believe 6 months back I thought I might get into an entry Q4 for 45k, and now its 60k (59k for Adaptive Cruise and Homelink only).
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  5. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

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  6. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    Just came back from my test drive of the Q4 @ Audi of Naples (first drive of car); the car arrived at dealer yesterday. This is a demo car and not for sale for three months from yesterday. This is the dual motor mid level trim; gray exterior and brown interior. I like the drive, and the interior is much better than the ID4. Audi will inform the dealer of their August allocation on the 19 of month, but they don’t know the time it’ll take the cars to arrive at the dealer.
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  8. GDOG

    GDOG Member

    Thanks for the update! It's hard to believe they're arriving. I agree the the interior is much sexier than the id4, (from the pictures). Any indication when ordering from the website might initiate?
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  9. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    No indication of when ordering starts. Talked to the general manager after the test drive and he said allocated Q4s will arrive at dealers way before ordered ones. He also said that waiting time for ordered Q4 in Germany is 18 months right now …… your best bet is to get whatever available at the dealer (and start talking to dealers now). I have a reservation for the Polestar 2 LRDM that is due to arrive in October, I think I’ll end up with it.
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  10. GDOG

    GDOG Member

    I'm still interested but agree that the Q4 is a ways out. If the dealer has a Q4 w/ my spec's. and isn't playing games, then OK. But I also (3) reservations w/ other brands. Though, not perfect, the id4 checks most of my boxes. And the 2023 id4 has made a lot of improvements including made in USA which is a thing now.
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  11. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    Yes, ID4 made improvements on their software (they sure needed that), DC charging speed, and range efficiency. And as you said, made in US is a +.
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  13. I gave up - I just placed a pre-order for a 2023 ID4 Pro yesterday. White, Black and Grey interior, no options. I reserve the right to still buy something else if I can actually find something else, and it has a tax credit (or is financially do-able). My closest VW dealer promised no dealer add-ons or markup on pre-orders. So far, crossing fingers, the internet sales woman has been very responsive and friendly. My delivery simply says Q4. Sadly, not the "Etron" Q4. Maybe next time. Or maybe the Lyriq - especially if it has a tax credit and the Q4 does not. But I need something now, not 2 years from now, and I refuse dealer markup. Hopefully the ID4 works well for a year or two.
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  14. So, for those who care, I got a call from the closest Audi dealer, and they have one Q4 for sale right now. Or did, this AM. Bakersfield, CA dealer.

    As noted above, its AWD, and this was a higher trim, MSRP somewhere over 60k, and a 10k minimum dealer markup. You do the math. He did say, though, that if I ordered one for later there would be no dealer markup. Of course, you would loose the tax credit, and he said they couldn't do signed purchase orders because the ordering isn't technically open yet for the Q4. So on the lot only sales for now.
  15. GDOG

    GDOG Member

    You shouldn't be bummed about the ID4 IMO. It's got better cargo volume than the Q4, is less $ for a fully loaded Pro Plus and some great tech. My biggest gripe w/ the ID4 is the lack of one pedal driving. I guess I'll have to "relearn" how to use one of those pedals.
  16. I went for the base trim Pro, with the large battery. Just couldn't spend 7k more for a heating steering wheel and power seats. Don't care about the other stuff.
    It was really my wife that wanted the Audi, though the interior is nicer on the Q4. She really wants a luxury vehicle.

    I had one pedal on my Leaf and never used it. I tried it a lot when I first got it, but I found my efficiency was basically the same, and for me it was easier to drive two pedal - so I gave up on the one pedal. It didn't get me any real benefit, probably because I'm not yo-yo driver. If you are not hard on the brakes around town, you should really get the same amount of regen. And one pedal never seemed any more natural feeling, actually the opposite for me. That's one reason among several Tesla isn't my first choice, I don't believe tesla uses blended braking... it relies on 1 pedal for regen. Each to their own though, some people love single pedal.
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  17. davidtm

    davidtm Active Member

    We took delivery yesterday. Q4 Premium Plus with Technology, S line, and Convenience packages. It was the dealers first allocated car. While not exactly what we've ordered (Prestige), it was the right color. So, no HUD or matrix headlights. We have a "Binding Purchase Agreement" dated 8/15, accompanied by a $5K deposit check. We paid MSRP + $699 dealer's fee (usual on all their car sales).
    Here's hoping it is determined that we got in under the deadline!

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