Arrival Updates?

Discussion in 'Q4 e-tron' started by GDOG, Oct 27, 2021.

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  1. If anyone is still looking for a Q4 I don't have good news. I called around to several dealers about a week ago around the LA area in CA....
    1) Any deliveries are pushed out to at least April or May, and one dealer told me they have only been allocated 2. I asked what he meant, and he said literally they are scheduled to receive 2 in 2022. That doesn't sound right but that's what he said.
    2) Every dealer I asked said they were going to have dealer markup, a couple directly said $10k. They were quite smug about it.

    I have been looking to replace my 2018 Leaf with either a Q4 or an Ioniq 5. It looks like Q4 is off the table. I like the interior on the Q4 but I'd be fine with an I5. My wife really wanted the Q4 but I just don't see that as an option.
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  3. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    I think the Q4 (particularly the AWD) is a lost cause until the 4th quarter ‘22. I just came back from sitting in two just arrived IONIQ 5 SE RWD at my dealer here in Naples FL; they’re still prepping them and will be available for driving tomorrow. They also told me there will be dealer markups on those. …… will not pay more than MSRP.

    Even though I’m only interested in the “Limited Trim”, am still debating if AWD is needed here in FL; I’ll test drive the RWD this week for 30-70 mph on-ramp acceleration and passing on two way roads.
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  4. Frank K

    Frank K Member

    That is in line with what I heard in Colorado. As for the markup ... I do not need to replace my A3 etron right now. If there is any markup I will wait until the 2023, when more AWDs with 300+ miles are available.
  5. If only everyone thought like us and refused markup. I'm seeing some dealers with a list of 20,30,40 Ioniq 5s "in transit" so I'm hoping that supply will mean dealers will quickly drop the markups. Dealers hate vehicles sitting around, and if everyone refused to pay markups, the dealers would quickly adjust. IF only everyone refused to pay. But the Q4... no inventory. So what few arrive will be treated like gold.

    According to spec sheets the Ioniq 5 RWD should have a 0-60 similar to my current 2018 Leaf, so that's good enough for me. For me, the bummer is that the RWD I5 looses the battery heater and the heatpump. Not sure if the Q4 had those either - I've never found a good spec sheet of what the Q4 did and didn't have. At one point it had a 360 surround view listed on Audi's page, then it was removed.
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  6. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    Right now (end of Feb ‘22) the IONIQ 5 is getting all the attention and energy behind it; the Q4 is nowhere to be found. Either Audi consciously decided to ignore NA for a while, or they’re having a hell of a time getting their hands on Chips.
    P.S. I suspect the I5 will prove to be a better car than the Q4 for both RWD & AWD; and this is coming from a long-time Audi/VW/Porsche owner.
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  8. GDOG

    GDOG Member

    I really can't get in line with the styling. It's a little too heavy handed with the 80's arcade vibe for me. My back up plan is either the ID4 or Ocean.
  9. MzTeaze

    MzTeaze New Member

    I chatted with a local dealership that stated they expect to start receiving orders in April. They were pushing getting in a waitlist, although they expect about 6+ months to fulfill orders.

    But you won't be able to test drive it until maybe Q2.
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  10. And what did they say about markups? The two closest to me basically laughed at me and were talking tens of thousands in markups. No way.
  11. MzTeaze

    MzTeaze New Member

    So far, no mention of a mark up but I guess I'll see what he had to say next month.

    Why were they marking the price up so high when you talked to them?
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  13. Sorry, didn't see your question. No idea, I guess because they could. Which is odd, because the VW dealer near me in honoring MSRP on ID4s.
    Besides supply chain issues I'm also wondering if some of the US bound Q4s sank recently on the Felicity Ace. I don't think I ever heard exactly what vehicles were onboard, but we know it was VW and high end Audi's and Bentley's to name few, but I don't know the models.
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  14. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    Was at the local Audi dealer to enquire about the Q4 arrival in US. Sales manager told me they now anticipate receiving cars 5-12 months from now. I need the EV tax rebates and cannot repeat the ‘21 delivery fiasco by Audi. I’ll now jump on the Ioniq 5 pursuit full speed.
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  15. My wife finally said I can get whatever and the next EV we will get an Audi, but now it is too late to really do much this year. The Ioniq 5's look to be very sparse now in the base trim, the ID4 needs to be custom ordered with who knows how long a delay, and worse, the local air district rebate has run out until at least Oct of this year. That's a $4k rebate gone.
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  16. Tony S

    Tony S Active Member

    I placed a $500 deposit for the Polestar 2 as an insurance against missing out on the EV tax credit again this year (they promised delivery in the October-November time frame for the 2023 model). Last year Audi promised delivering the Q4 before the end of year …… they lied! Will travel a hundred miles to test drive the Polestar soon.
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  17. I'm starting to doubt the Q4 is coming to the US this year.
  18. GDOG

    GDOG Member

    I received an email from my local Audi dealership that they're still anticipating the arrival of the 2022 Q4. For what it's worth.
  19. Right, like it was suppose to be here Q4 21, then Q1 22, then Q2 22.... Always 6 months away.
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