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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Alex800st, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Alex800st

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    I have "app installer" in the infortainment system. How to use it? I've downloaded several .APKs, it sees them on a usb stick, but none can be installed. Is there a list of .apk's that are approved to work without rooting the system? I do not even have a browser, and it makes me sad..
  2. coutinpe

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    I am with you. It would have been a nice way of spending the quarantine, but I suspect we are not meant to install anything...
  3. Cash Traylor

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    Ok, finally something I can help with. That "app installer" is not for your use. It is for Honda to install apps (or if they ever sent you a file to install yourself) that they have created and approved. You CANNOT install anything on the infotainment system unless you root it/hack it. Honda/Mitsubishi (the OEM) uses a "whitelist" service that prevents that APP INSTALLER from recognizing any non-Honda APK (so pointless for you to "download" anything). I have covered a lot of this in my other threads/posts both under "Honda Hack" and audio upgrade threads (To ANC or....) and (Infortainment Specifications...)

    Since there is a general desire in any forum to reduce duplication of content I would recommend you search those threads as all of this has been discussed in great details.….8436/


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  4. Cash Traylor

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    @Alex800st ,

    I just saw your note about no browser. What year model is your Clarity? I know the 2017/2018's had browsers. However there was a change mid 2019. I have a 2018, so cannot try this (plus I have already rooted my HU). However, you may try this.

    The way he is showing to enter the diag menu may not work. You have to hold Power, Menu, and the Brightness buttons simultaneously, after that it should be the same.

    If this works please report back!


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  5. Alex800st

    Alex800st Member

    WOW! WOWOWOW! It worked! Thanks a lot!

    Mine is 2020.

    Not even works - but if I turn off a car while in the browser - when I turn it back on system shows browser again without any delay, instantaneous.

    Interesting thing - if within that hidden menu hold "menu" again I've got in to "Factory Diag" - and got out just in case.
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  6. Cash Traylor

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    That's awesome feedback! Glad to know it works and I will put that on my list of "fixes" for newer models. Just so I know (I'm building a list for a possible Clarity "product") what year and trim is your Clarity?
  7. Alex800st

    Alex800st Member

    2020 Touring, Canadian edition (comes with snow shovel and anti-bear whistle).
  8. Alex800st

    Alex800st Member

    I have to correct myself - change is not permanent, after a car "off" for a while browser disappears again. Honda, eh.
  9. eneka

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    Iirc it was the same on my '19 BEV. If I dragged the browser icon into the home screen then it stays there
  10. Cash Traylor

    Cash Traylor Active Member Subscriber

    There is a "permanent" fix. Once you to this unlock, just use that opportunity to install Honda Hack and free your system permanently. More than likely what is happening is the "hard reboot" that happens every night. You "may" try going to your system settings and turning off the "memory refresh" option that is normally set for every night and see if that makes a difference. At least you "can" get to a browser, if Honda ever locks that completely out that would mean the only way to install HH would be through developer mode and ADB - not fun for most people.

  11. Tek_Freek

    Tek_Freek Active Member

    Worked on my 2018, but as a test I went to Google and asked for maps. Got an error that the browser was too old and options to download a number if different ones.
  12. Cash Traylor

    Cash Traylor Active Member Subscriber

    Ok, just to be clear, this "hack" only enables the default Jellybean browser (AOSP). It is very very basic, does not support HTML5. You also cannot use it to do anything other than browse basic sites as java is limited and there is no flash updates. The browser will allow you to use the over the air AutoHack to root/hack your system safely though (safe is only when compared with the developer mode ADB sideload "other" method), or as safe as you feel jailbreaking your device is. If you have never rooted your android phone or jailbroke your IOS device then I would think this isn't for you.

    Getting the browser available doesn't really let you do anything useful on its own. Sorry to mislead anyone on that. It is also, apparently temporary. And based on what @Tek_Freek just posted, I guess he had to use the above procedure to get the Browser back on his 2018. This is very interesting to me as my "2018 Touring" had the browser without the above removal of android restrictions. My car was built in 2017, which is significantly before Honda's release of the Service News letter to dealers about Honda Hack. I guess it would not be surprising if the browser restriction was not part of that document which came out in May of 2018.

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