Anyone using Honda Hack?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Kyle’s Clarity, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I got Honda Hack up and running and really all I want out of it is the ability to watch Netflix (while parked obviously). It’s cool having a persistent browser (Chrome) too though. Unfortunately, the only thing that seems to not work is Netflix. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Tips? I’ve posted to the XDA Devs forum for the Honda Hack but thought I’d try here too as there are lots of informed users here. Thanks in advance!

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    Didn't even know this was a thing. I assume this is Android?
  3. I’ve tried Honda Hack also with the specific desire to watch Netflix (while parked) and I also can’t get it working. I emailed the Dev and all he said was to try downloading an older APK for a version of Netflix that’s compatible with the head unit’s Android version. If you find a solution though please update here because I’d love to take another crack at it.

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  4. Tim66

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    Any reports of someone bricking their information center with this hack?
  5. Tim66

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    OK, you tweaked my curiosity. Here's a video that is pretty informative about Honda Hack.

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  6. I’ve heard stories of people bricking their head units yeah. It’s not something for the faint of heart but it’s not terribly sketchy either if you follow the directions. I was able to get YouTube to work, it was kinda neat but I don’t really have any other use for the hack. I mean a persistent browser is alright I guess but even that’s not really that useful. I really just wanted to use Netflix but couldn’t get it to work.

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  7. Cash Traylor

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    Just in case anyone ever needs this, it's relative in this thread.

    And yes, I am using Honda Hack - I like the volume reduction when in reverse, not having to hit "agree" each time I drive the car, and it allowed me to tweak the audio system, navigation system, and have access to what telemetrics Honda can see about my car through HondaLink. And because I can't leave well enough alone. Also, I love this car.
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  8. I went ahead and got the PRO version of this a couple of days ago.

    Because it does add to the head unit, with itself and additional apps that I've added, the response is slower; however, being able to program a buttons (I don't use the "talk" button, "up" arrow, "down" arrow) is a major win for me.

    Up = Waze
    Down = Rear Camera
    Talk = Play/Pause

    I use my phone as a hotspot, and so far, other than the additional lag, there have been now issues. I consider it a major WIN!!

    I installed Honda Hack, Google Maps, and Waze.
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    Now, if there was a way to remap the display for Sirius XM on the infotainment system, I'd be sold.
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    I'm tempted to try this but I have extended warranty...
    This does break the warranty, right?
  11. Cash Traylor

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    @RockmanNeo (Ok, with a tag like Neo - you should be very pro hacking... "The Matrix")

    You need to consult an attorney for that question. It has been discussed at length across this forum and many others. Do you void your car's warranty when you install aftermarket stereo equipment? How about non-factory recommended oil, batteries, tires? As most others have put forth - the general answer is "No" as the dealer or manufacturer (not the same) must in general prove that what you did caused the failure. So, new speakers and my stereo stops working - yep, maybe a warranty fulfillment argument (but then assuming you hired a reputable installation company they have to pay for it). New speakers and engine fuel injection computer fails - no, they had better honor the warranty or face losing in court. What can you defend in court, what can they?

    I am no attorney, not an attorney spokesperson, do not play one on TV, nor did I sleep in a Holiday Inn last night so don't take my word for it...

    I see no problem with Honda Hack regardless of what the OEM may publish. The bulletin they released (attached) sounds ominous however actually does not say what they think it says (Honda US, not Honda Japan). The "excerpt" from the User Manual they include and quote does not make HH a breach of contract or agreement (EULA or TOS), and can't. Read it carefully and note it is mostly referring to YOU reverse engineering their systems, not altering it's function or use for YOUR purposes. They also based their entire interface (the part we are talking about) on Android, with a Linux kernel and wrapper. Those are opensource code packages, you don't even need HH to access most of these features - HH just makes it easier for non-Devs. It does make the author of Honda Hack in breach of the agreement, however not you the user/owner if you OWN the vehicle. If you are leasing then yes, you must (as part of your normal lease agreement, may depend on state) adhere to all OEM license agreements and terms. So that is another story... However, if you own it, you own it, unless it is an Apple product. ;-) Remember that a lot of this is just CYA.

    Now, there is a very different argument about if HH actually decrypts a piece of code versus just replacing it (the whitelist is what it really changes). In the USA, the DMCA has a secondary law that is independent and separately enforceable and that is DRM. A lot of OEMs are using DRM as a way to lock you into using their support services. Honda does not seem to be one of them, however their are many where "jailbreaking" your device is actually in violation of the law just like copying a DVD movie, even if you own the movie it is illegal to make a backup copy of it because you "have to break DRM" and that is the catch-all. However, that is a debate for another forum, at a later time, when I have a fresh bottle of Scotch on hand!

    Now, funny thing about Manufacturer to Dealer to End Purchases (User) warranty agreement. Honda makes the vehicles, and often "sells" them to Dealers for resell. Honda "specifies" how the vehicles should be cared for in order for the OEM Warranty to be transferred to the purchaser as "new" ie, placed in service. With the Clarity being a very unique case (dealers had and most still have no idea how to even spell Clarity yet alone care for them on their lot) the issue of battery warranty may come up. If the car sat in the dealer lot for 6 months with a dead HV battery and the dealer never charged it or followed the OEM "Dealer" guidance, well - could be interesting... Honda will cover you, the end user, I would bet as they have a Brand to protect - but they may rebuke the dealer's later claims for labor reimbursement etc.–Moss_Warranty_Act



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  12. RockmanNeo

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    Thank you Cash for the most comprehensive reply I've ever gotten.
    Your explanation gave me courage to try it, but I need to reread my warranty clause to make sure.

    BTW Neo didn't do the hacking. He was mostly just dodging bullets and stuff :)
  13. Cash Traylor

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  14. Cash Traylor

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    I just posted a diatribe regarding the ANC.

    Don't read this without really good medication or Scotch on hand:….8436/

    One thing I would mention, since this is the thread about HH, is that you may get some OEM audio system candy on the cheap with HH. If you have not upgraded your sound system and are someone who, though maybe not an "audiophile" likes a nice "premium" sounding system, then I would love your input. I cannot revert to the factory stereo system now, however...

    HondaHack+FlatDSP+Viper4Android="much nicer sound system"

    * I am not recommending HH, it has its risks and is not for everyone. If you brick your tablet, you should accept responsibility that you took a digital hammer to a part of your car, and pony up to Honda to buy a new one (fortunately they are now available on ebay from crash salvages so you don't need to drop $3K on a new one). It was tinkerers, mostly in the Civic model community (due to the high number of mod'ers in that segment, engine and more) that bricked their Infotainment Displays installing custom torque views, and then claimed warranty that brought about Honda's official stance and bulletin mentioned above. This fact is even discussed on the XDA forums about HH and warranty. Honda really doesn't care if you mod your car, just don't ask them to fix it for free if you break something in the process. Yes, the Magnuson Moss act protects us from bean counting attorneys, but you also cannot install a turbo-charger on your Clarity and expect them to warranty your ICE when it blows up.


  15. Billcross

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    Hello, currently you do not need to use Honda hack because there is a netflix mod apk version, you can freely watch it without paying anything, I have downloaded it to my phone and it is really very great!
  16. Cash Traylor

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    @Billcross ,

    Well, I don't know if it is a good idea to post methods here that violate piracy laws (there are hacker forums for that). Honda Hack is a licensed piece of software that your pay the author for (codeage). I am not going to get into the debate about the TOS/EULA/Warranty (contract) issues concerning installing it on a vehicle (especially if you OWN the vehicle) here as I have addressed that elsewhere. However, if you own the rights to the software you install, you are not violating copyright or license. Your "solution" to install a pirate streaming package on your "phone" is suggesting something that is defacto piracy of content. Illegal in the USA and most countries.

    Also, I would point out that installing an "app" on your phone has absolutely nothing to do with what Honda Hack actually does, or allows in your vehicle's infotainment system, so is really not a solution or relevant to this thread. Unless you are operating on the assumption that HH only allows you to install Netflix on your headunit... I would recommend more research before saying something is "not needed."

    Best wishes,
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  17. Cash Traylor

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    Also, realize that a link to the Honda Hack author's (codeage) HH Feature Video was not on this thread and thought it appropriate. I have received a few conversations about what it can do etc. Here are videos from the inventor:

    Pro HondaHack is so worth it over basic....


  18. fotomoto

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    Anyone know how to get a USB volume knob to play nicely with the Clarity via HH or other reasonable methods?
  19. Cash Traylor

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    And another thing just came up. Seems that the process for allowing the web browser on 2019-2020 Models (apparently is Canada too) isn't readily available. So we just validated it here:

    Obviously you have to be able to use a browser to install Honda Hack in the first place unless you use a more brute force/adb sideload from developer mode. I do not recommend that if at all possible - use the online "web" version for HH installs.


  20. Cash Traylor

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    I have not tried it, however you can install any small "control" app on you tablet once you have Honda Hack up and running, so I would assume if you get a USB volume knob that has an available Android software package to accept the knob's input then the answer would be yes, as long as the app doesn't require root (still not a deal breaker I just would really not recommend installing a "root" volume app, no need, risky).

    I am assuming you mean something like this:

    If so, the only concern I would have is that most of these actually work natively, but are seen by Android as "keyboard" devices. There is a chance, that while connected - your software based keyboard will not appear, say when you are trying to type in an address in navigation. If you don't have NAV, then that may not be an issue at all. You can try it and see? If the device supports a "controlling" application then you may be able to get around this with Honda Hack. However, HH does not specifically create any support for a USB Knob. Sorry, I've just become accustomed to the steering wheel controls and although initially I didn't like not having a knob - I have apparently, subconsciously, accepted it.

    Please let us know if it works, as I know there are several people who would likely enjoy a volume knob. Not to mention maybe you can finally put a use to those center console wings that annoy a lot of people (place for the knob)!



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