All season Floor and Trunk mats

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Hobbesgsr, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. Omgswify

    Omgswify Member

    From the looks of it, it doesn’t appear they have high walls. Maybe not a big deal to some but the fact that the floor mats have high walls and that the middle hump in the back is covered has saved me from two potentially big messes recently. I was driving and had those drink holding cartons on the front passenger floor. I did a left turn and all 4 drinks toppled over and spilled. Luckily it was contained in the floor mat and all I had to do was take them out and rinse them with water. Good as new. The tuxmats are my favourite “mod” and investment for my car so far.
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  3. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    Tuxmats are not just effective, but add insulation and comfort. Tuxmats have a nice look and are warm and cozy all around. The extra layers help with noise reduction too. On the down side, they are very expensive.

    I got them for the extra insulation for the Bolt because when SOC goes low and range gets tight, the first to do is to start shutting down the heat. There are serious discussions at the Bolt group about heated clothing and lap mats, for longer drives in the northern regions between charging stations. That actually sounds kind of funny now that I have unlimited heat again (sometimes way too much heat) with Clarity.
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  4. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Kyle, from what I've seen thus far, yes, and they have excellent coverage. I also find them easier to clean and nicer to look at. I've had them over a year in my Model S and they still look like new. The Weathertec mats I've had always tend to get a 'tired' look after a period.
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  5. That’s great feedback. I’m going to seriously consider these (especially if I can find a Canadian retailer that carries them).

    UPDATE: The only site I can find that lists these mats as available for the Clarity is the site Ken7 posted and it only recognizes the 2018 model year. I can’t even find these on the MAXpider website.

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  6. chris5168

    chris5168 Member

    AF22AADA-19DC-4DC3-BCCC-616317ED0072.jpeg 3D MAXpider L1HD10011509 Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mats-Kagu Rubber Black Front Row for Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Models

    Just received the 3D MAXpider fronts only. I really wanted the front hump and dead petal covered and think the price was right $87.55. Here are some pics along with factory mat covering new 3D mat. So far perfect for my needs.
    ACD8D432-1B53-42E5-B6FF-EDB52270901D.jpeg 82F8C04A-1CC1-4B3C-9539-86E6CBCED5B2.jpeg F2C6BC0F-A13B-4B56-AC93-9413143555D4.jpeg AF22AADA-19DC-4DC3-BCCC-616317ED0072.jpeg F387C0D9-AE85-489C-8C54-9772913243BC.jpeg 82E5C520-F73A-4D0C-ABB6-51F8FE1D7290.jpeg
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  8. If anyone can find these MAXpider mats for us Canadians that don’t involve paying $80US to ship from I’d be eternally grateful.

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  9. sassnak

    sassnak New Member

    Just wanted to chime in and say I bought the Maxpider set right after I got my Clarity last month, and have been quite happy with them. I had them in my Fit before and was very happy with them so when I got the Clarity I immediately checked to see if Maxpider made mats for it. I got a full set (front/back) off eBay for $122 with free shipping.

    We've since had an unusually snowy February which has resulted in a lot of wet shoes and road salt making it into my car. I think the mats have done a good job protecting the carpet. I'm really glad I got them right away because the original mats covered hardly anything.

    I did email Maxpider after buying my mats to see if they will be making a trunk mat and they said they have no plans to in the near future. If more people expressed interest that could change though.

    I see there are some sellers on Canadian eBay but it is priced quite a bit higher - but they are accepting offers, so you might be able to get it for less.
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  10. oddhack

    oddhack Member

    Thanks! Used successfully just now, I'll post mine to pay it forward once I have it.

    Interestingly, even without the discount code it's a bit cheaper to order directly from Tuxmat than on Amazon.
  11. pandahugs

    pandahugs New Member

    Would appreciate the discount code to purchase Tuxmats. Will also pay it forward.
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  13. oddhack

    oddhack Member

    Thanks for the reminder. I got mine last week and have emailed the company to ask how to generate a referral code - it sounds like it requires a step beyond just using my order number.
  14. oddhack

    oddhack Member

    They just said my coupon code: 1218 was activated. I hope it's helpful for someone else here. Maybe post or PM when you've used it, so I can remove it from this post.
  15. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Well-Known Member

    Just got the Maxpider front mats from Amazon yesterday and really like them. Paid $92 for the front pair... didn't need the rear set as I rarely have any passengers in the back. The Maxpider covers everything including the dead pedal and they fit perfectly.
  16. pandahugs

    pandahugs New Member

    It worked. Many thanks! Saved 10CAD.
    I’ve requested a code to pass on and will post it here when I have it.
  17. pandahugs

    pandahugs New Member

    Tuxmat Coupon Code active... 1523.
    One time use. Please post if you use it and pay it forward for the next person.
  18. live2learn

    live2learn New Member

    Got a full set of 3D Maxpider from eBay for $122, also really impressed with the fit and finish. Feel like they’ll hold up very well.

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  19. MPower

    MPower Well-Known Member

    Here is a very clear video showing the Maxpider mats up close and personal
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  20. Whisper

    Whisper New Member

    Odd - for the set of back+front Amazon shows $194.60 with Prime and tuxmat shows $228.90. What price did you pay and was it both rows?

    I would be interested in the code if I can use it. If anyone has one please PM me!

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  21. oddhack

    oddhack Member

    US $186.81 (including CAD $10 discount code & US $5.44 foreign transaction fee - I forgot to use a card which doesn't incur that so it would be $181.37 without) delivered to California, front and back rows. Their website is quoting in CAD (Canadian dollars).
  22. AhmadPDX

    AhmadPDX New Member

    I just ordered those. We've had them in the minivan for a year now and we like them better than the weathertech.
  23. uphill

    uphill New Member

    Thank you! That worked and I'll be back when I have a code from them to post too.

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