All season Floor and Trunk mats

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Hobbesgsr, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. I ordered the TUX mats 12 minutes before reading this and ordered Weathertech just now (I requested the TUX order to be cancelled hopefully it will be o_O)
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  3. Also, I find it extremely coincidental that both tux and Weathertech both have in stock availability on the same day( I checked both yesterday...)
  4. BrettB

    BrettB New Member

    After a round of shampooing gunk from some messy cargo out of the felt-like trunk carpet, I decided I needed a trunk mat. None of the aftermarket brand names had a custom fit one, and the Honda one doesn't cover enough, so I ended up ordering one of these inexpensive cut-to-fit ones:

    It's big enough to cover the whole floor all the way to the seat backs, and wasn't terribly hard to trim. (Note that the Clarity trunk is NOT symmetrical side to side!) While it's not the thickest material, it should do the job of protecting the carpet just fine, and it's nice and flexible so I can still easily lift it up to get to the bin underneath if needed.

  5. chris5168

    chris5168 Member

    What floor mat is the best option to cover the driver’s side hump?
  6. Ray B

    Ray B Active Member

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  8. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    Weathertech does not cover that area, FYI.
  9. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    I see Tuxmat sells a trunk mat for $149.80CAD.
    No pics but they appear to have stock.
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  10. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Well-Known Member

    Great tip. Just ordered the trunk mat. Once it arrives I’ll post pics if no one has done so by then.

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  11. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    Here's a pic of the Tuxmat trunk liner that I got from the vendor. It's full coverage!
    Honda Clarity Trunk Liner - resized.jpg
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  13. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Look good. How easy is it to lift up the back to access the under floor compartment?
  14. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    I have the OEM trunk tray and from the looks of the Tuxmat, I'd guess it's equally awkward but doable.
  15. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    I’ve been very happy with the tuxmats. They stay in place even without the clips and feel more substantial then the Weathertech liners that I’ve had on other cars. Just ordered the trunk liner now that it’s out because Winter is Coming!
  16. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    Did you pick up in store?
  17. Bina12834

    Bina12834 Member

    That’s really disappointing and puzzling why WeatherTech would make them this way. Since I find my feet there all the time I guess I’ll be going with OEM.
  18. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    Your pic convinced me to buy one. Thanks bro.
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  19. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    Cool, I'm glad it helped you. It convinced me to buy too!
  20. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Well-Known Member

    Just installed mine. Car is now 100% tuxmat. If anyone wants some free-for-pickup OEM allweather mats/ half-trunk mat in the Boston area, drop me a PM...!

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  21. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    The race is on...

    I ordered Weathertech rear Floorliners on Nov 2nd. Their website says no ship date. When I ordered the fronts it took them more than 2 weeks to ship. On top of that they've been very defensive to provide updates the point of being rude. Really unbelievable how poor their customer service is.

    I ordered the Tuxmat trunk liner on Nov 12th. Thanks V8Power!

    Let's see who can deliver first given Weathertech has a 10 day head start. Hopefully before the first big snowfall.
  22. Kilroy

    Kilroy New Member

    I ordered the entire set of Tuxmats when they became available, Front seats, single piece rear seats and trunk liner. Couldn't be more pleased with the look and fit. Removed OEM carpet mats for Front & Rear seats and the Tuxmats easily installed without the use of clips. They are expensive but we just had our first snow and they are as good as the Weathertech I've owned in previous vehicles, in keeping dirt and slush confined. Cant go wrong.
  23. rickyrsx

    rickyrsx Active Member

    I have the front mats from Honda if anyone is interested. I'm in Toronto

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