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Discussion in 'ID.4' started by electriceddy, Sep 5, 2023.

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  1. "The driving force behind major upgrades to 2024 ID.4 82 kWh models is the introduction of a new performance drive unit that delivers greater horsepower and range compared to the prior model year. The rear-wheel-drive model now produces an impressive 282 horsepower, while the all-wheel-drive model now makes around 330 horsepower. This increase in power helps to boost acceleration and is anticipated to deliver enhanced range; EPA-estimated ranges for the 2024 ID.4 will be available closer to market introduction.
    82 kWh ID.4 models receive an enhanced 12.9-inch display with backlit sliders, as well a new and more intuitive climate control interface and a revised infotainment menu. Also, the car receives a new shifter position and a revised steering wheel layout.
    Comfort and convenience is prioritized further in the 2024 ID.4. S models with the 82 kWh battery include ventilated front-row seats, and S Plus models receive a premium harman/kardonTM audio system with nine speakers, plus a subwoofer, and a 16-channel amplifer.

    Volkswagen enhances the 2024 all-electric ID.4 EV with more performance, power and technology - Volkswagen US Media Site

    Of course, I just reserved a 23 Pro AWD c/w heat pump on August 31, which is already built and waiting shipment.:rolleyes:
    Will be contacting the salesman tomorrow am (his day off today) and switch it out for a S Plus 24 MY, hopefully with the same heat pump option.
    Don't mind waiting a few months for those important enhancements.
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  3. What, done with the Hyundais? I take it the 2024 Kona EV didn't live up to your expectations? Didn't for me either.
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  4. In more research, this article (Europe) goes a little further explaining the increased efficiency (more range) even with more torque in the AWD version.
    The new motor/revised GRU unit (AP550) is shared with iD 7, and is augmented with a revised inverter c/w software upgrade.
    It also indicates pre-conditioning via Nav with a revised charging management system allowing up to 175 kW.

    Needed more room, I am sure the new Kona EV will be a great package. Ionic 5 is not completely out of the picture yet, but still need confirmation on the cooling system maintenance requirements (ie: not LC type). VW's coolant is not required to change at the same frequency as Hyundai, at least until I see 2024 Ionic 5 to verify.
    Only things I can think of missing at this point is V2L and NACS, both of which I will have to work around.
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  5. I am starting to have doubts about this now.
    With Hyundai's NACS announcement, VW better step up to the plate and offer adapters for existing models. If older software/hardware won't allow, at least include 2024 onwards (if the newer version software will be NACS compatible) and offer generous trade ins for previous model years.
    I really like the ID4 for its room and AWD, but if they continue to fall behind with lack of charging options, I (and others) may have no choice.
    Kind of crazy that their network will offer NACS. but their EVs won't. (yet):confused:
    Put it another way... I will only commit, if they will do the same.
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  6. Sorry, wrong forum. Can a mod move to the 2024 Kona thread please?
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  8. I had put a deposit on a 2023 ID4 which I took back given they removed the heat pump (Citing sourcing issues/shortage... Yeah right) with no price drop of course. Still interested but haven't seen North American specs for the 2024 model yet ; anyone know if they'll get the heat pump back? IF yes ; sold for me.
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  9. Unfortunately sounds like the same experience I just had yesterday and is not uncommon for VW. if you check out this forum, the "deletes" section is growing exponentially. 2024 I can't foresee an abrupt change in policy:(
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  10. Done.

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