2020 Kia E-Niro VESS/Reverse Chime defeat solution

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by ENirogus, Jun 5, 2021.

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  1. Cory LaFountaine

    Cory LaFountaine New Member

    So I wired as stated above. Switch LED is ON until I press the button and the light goes off. Anyway to make that reverse? I consider myself fairly intelligent and the switch came with some instructions but I don't want to screw anything up. It does work though and only took about 15 minutes to do. Huge thank you!
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  3. tr6tevens

    tr6tevens New Member

    I believe the pink wire is "hot" when VESS is active, and with the above instructions that wire is used directly to power the LED. You would have to add circuitry to do the reverse.

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  4. Cory LaFountaine

    Cory LaFountaine New Member

    Either way I’m pumped! I appreciate the replies and all your help!
  5. Cory LaFountaine

    Cory LaFountaine New Member

    Here is the finished product. There are some plastic support ridges in the panel so it only has a few places it could go. I think it came out pretty sharp. Works great and super easy fix! Thanks again.


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  6. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Well, the fuse shuts off more than the sound, so there is that disadvantage.
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  8. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Cory thanks for posting the pic, very clean install, you would laugh at me, my switch is just hanging around the steering column
  9. Cory LaFountaine

    Cory LaFountaine New Member

    Only because the car is new. A year from now if I did it the switch would be duct taped under the steering column :D
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  10. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Looking at this pic from a PHEV owner who successfully retroed the switch, I realize the PHEV has an extra functional switch.
    I really need the wiring diagram from the PHEV if anyone has access, or is going to get access it would be helpful

    THe idea being that maybe, just maybe, one could retro the switch from the PHEV and with the right rewiring, use the 12 volt battery reset button forthe VESS defeat.



    Part Number: 93700G5FB0CGS
    Supersession(s): 93700 G5FB0CGS
  11. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    My post #5 the second image 'crash pad switch' is the part of the wiring diagram I would need for the PHEV. It might be the same connector number, or it might differ. IT is in the 'connector view' section of the electrical diagrams section of the shop manual
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  13. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    So, going from the images I have of the Niro HEV switch wiring, and the EV schematics, there are 3 pins different between the two.

    In the EV there is a red wire coming from a fuse[module 5 IGPM] that also feeds the electrochromic mirror. I cannot see any internal connection to the switches or any reason why it is there.

    The HEV has a green wire on pin 13 and a a gray wire on pin 16. One or both of these must be the 12 volt battery switch wire.
    All of this assumes without direct proof that the wiring in the switch connector remains otherwise the same. We have a hint because we know thanks to some intrepid HEV owners, that the VESS wiring is the same color in the same location, but this is not assured.
  14. Danhen

    Danhen Active Member

    I'm a bit intimidated by the wiring being discussed here, and unplugging the speaker as described by batmick1 above sounds more my speed. Would greatly appreciate if someone could post instructions as to how the speaker can be unplugged.
  15. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Perhaps I made it sound more intimidating than it is.
    Personally removing the bumper is more daunting to me.
    The video linked in the other thread shows removing the bumper pretty well
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  16. ENirogus, thanks so much for posting this. I got a 2020 Niro EV two weeks ago and the super LOUD reverse sound is really annoying. I will do this mod. I'm sure my neighbors will appreciate it. Even the 'space ship' sound while at low speeds is annoying at times. I really appreciate the work U put into this and for posting the diagrams.
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  17. Picchip

    Picchip New Member

    I was thinking about using a magnet reed switch
  18. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Well come on guys, get going and show us your designs
  19. cstrimel

    cstrimel New Member

  20. cstrimel

    cstrimel New Member

    Wow. I can’t believe how easy that was. 2021 Niro EV. Everything was exactly as described. I left the button sitting beside the steering column.
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  21. JOJOtampa

    JOJOtampa New Member

    Does anyone live in the tampa bay area of florida and would like to do this for me? I can pay for your time!
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  22. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    I would think a competent mechanic or perhaps a stereo installer could do it pretty easily. Perhaps bring a printout of the instructions here
  23. JOJOtampa

    JOJOtampa New Member

    The schematics pictures were too blurry, would they need that?

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