2014 Volt optional charging

Discussion in 'Volt' started by Francisco, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. Francisco

    Francisco Member

    Service High Voltage Charging message came on. This occurred after I had already used the car once. I adjusted the air pressure on the tires at 35 psi per the readout or 40 per three different gauges. After this I plugged the charger in to top off. Before running my errands I had 41 mles available, and 38 when I got home. That is when the message came on "Service High Voltage Charging". What is going on? Does anyone have a good answer? Help. Okay, Bueno Bye
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  3. Roland

    Roland Member

    Check out this thread... https://gm-volt.com/forum/showthread.php?123786-The-Dreaded-Service-High-Voltage-Charging-System
  4. Francisco

    Francisco Member

    MERRY CHRISTMAS.. I hope. That new EV arrived.
  5. Francisco

    Francisco Member

    Greetings all
    I am moving to a different house mid December, so I am beginning the search for a charger for my volt. I haven't kept up with the latest products. Any suggestions.
  6. Francisco

    Francisco Member

    Greetings to all:
    Well, I finally moving to Rio Rancho NM in mid September.
    January 2018 I purchased the Clipper LCS - 20, 240 volt, 16 amp. I has been in use bc at my present home, and has worked flawlessly.
    The question is there something better? If I take it with me, will it last much longer. The 2014 Volt now has 35,500 miles on it with no problems. Please advise. Thank you.
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  8. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member Subscriber

    I bought a Clipper LCS - 20 around 2014 for my 2014 Volt (2014 Volt, great car, but long since gone). Later put a chargepoint 32A in the garage for another EV. Almost sold the LCS-20, but fortunately kept it, and used it again after I had send the chargepoint back to be repaired, twice.

    Now, with two EVs, the LCS-20 is on the outside of the home near the driveway and still works perfectly!

    Cleaned the plug pins, and coated them with a tiny bit of DowCorning #4 (a dielectric grease), and got a cap for the plug, and drilled tiny holes in the cap to drain any wind driven rain.
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  9. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    It should keep working fine. But, if I was moving to a new house, I might use the opportunity to upgrade. This may suit you well now, but a 32-amp charger would be so much faster.
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  10. Additionally the most predominant max rate available on most N.A. EV on board chargers, it doesn't hurt to run the EVSE at lower than it's capacity to deliver and will actually run cooler prolonging lifespan.
    A double win would be to set the vehicles AC on board charge rate lower than max (in the event of a new EV purchase) increasing the life expectancy of both the EVSE and the OBC.:)
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