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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Esprit1st, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Two suggestions. One check in your setting menu and deselect the XM Traffic data and make sure HD Traffic is selected.
    The other thing is that you can use phone tethering. Go to the Play Store and install the Android Auto App by Google. Then you will need a USB-A to either micro or USB-C (depending on your device) cable. You need to connect this to the port beside the Qi charger. Then you can use either Google Maps or install Waze which is also owned by Google. Waze is the only NAV app that I aware of that is Android Auto compatible that can do traffic. As a bonus ,it does red-light and speed-cams as well.
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    We have this feature on the hissing Kona's :(
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    No, Android auto doesn't do traffic. Android auto is nothing but an interface between your car and your phone. Traffic will come through the app that is running on the phone and then displayed in your car.

    Google maps and Waze are both using real time traffic! Waze additionally has red light cameras and speed traps which are manually added by drivers (speed traps).

    Although, if you only use your phone without Android auto, you can report speed traps on Google maps as well. There is no reporting option through Android auto.

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    Let's not split hairs. If you want the best live traffic data you need Android Auto. I think we can agree it is just a projection vehicle, but it is still needed in the equation.

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  5. I see now where HD radio is displayed. Thanks for clarifying that. I'm very familiar with Android, etc. I meant Google Maps and Android Auto together provide what I need for free. What I was hoping/wishing was that the Kona could access my phone's data plan to continue providing traffic info to the Kona navigation software, and hence continue using it on the HUD. I should have been clearer.
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    Yeah, that would be awesome. I wish it would work that way, too.
    Not trying to split hairs. In my opinion it is important to understand what does what and what is required in order to get certain things running. In my IT career I have seen to many people spend money on things they didn't need just because they thought it was needed or somebody sold a person on things they didn't understand the technicalities of.

    That's why I'm trying to clear things up. And it doesn't help anybody if there is misconceptions out there.

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    @CJC A wee bit off topic but does the new Kia Soul have WiFi ? If so can you use wireless Android Auto ?
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    It is actually my "new" VESS,sort of . ALL Kona EVs should have LTE/,mobile so we can do updates "faster,"or Hyundai can actually do OTA.
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    Well, here in the US at least. I wonder if at this point they COULD do ota updates if they actually wanted to.

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