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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Esprit1st, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. I noticed in some videos on YouTube that some people's Kona seems to be connected to WiFi. I believe I saw that on some European models.

    I can't find anything about that in my manual or in any settings. Maybe I remember wrong, but is there a difference? Maybe since the European version doesn't have blue-link they have WiFi?

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  2. SkookumPete

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    That would have to be done through a phone connected to the internet via cell data (LTE, 4G, etc). This is how eg Android Auto gives access to Google Maps. "Wifi" as such relies on a nearby wired access point.

    Bluelink also relies on cell data. Theoretically the connection could be used to give you full internet access, but Hyundai is not going to pay for that kind of data usage.
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  3. robxb

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    Android Auto uses your cell phones data though, whereas the car has it's own antenna for Bluelink... just to clarify
  4. EnerG

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    The UK version does indeed have a WiFi module. If you watch the video that shows how to access the secret service menus you will see it there.

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  5. Yes right at the beginning (12 seconds) WIFI shows on the set up menu, and at 5:00 minutes the WIFI module version.
    So along with the welcome mirrors and VESS disable button it seems the Europeans get a little more value than the N.A counterparts.
    Quick link to video:
  6. Well, I guess the more value depends on how you look at it. You get WiFi and welcome mirrors, we have a bluelink app.

    Unless they somehow activate bluelink in Europe I would debate that it's a better value. I cannot imagine living without bluelink!

    Actually it was a selling point for me.

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  7. I was more upset of the inability to shut off VESS than the other 2 options.
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  8. Yeah, however I walked through a parking lot the other day and switched the side I walked on and then got passed by a Nissan Leaf, didn't hear him coming at all.

    I kind of get the whole VESS thing. However it would be great to have a selection, just like we have a selection of ring tones in our phones.

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  9. EnerG

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    After seeing those Wi-Fi settings I had asked the EV Puzzle guy if the UK version had wireless Android Auto but did not get a clear answer. Yes they have Wi-Fi but what can they use it for?

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  10. It would be AWESOME to chase deer away with a wolf pack call this time of year. I probably spend more time concentrating on whats on the sides of the road when I drive early in the morning, than other vehicles around me.
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  11. Good question, I'd like to know, too!
    Oh yeah, I believe it. That would be great

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  12. mikeselectricstuff

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    In the UK, the wifi is used for live traffic info ( overlaid on maps and used to reroute) and speed camera locations. Also I think for updated charger locations and points of interest. This is via TomTom's live service
  13. Over WiFi? So you can basically only update it when you're at home in the garage? Or hook the car up to your phones WiFi?

    That sounds super clunky to me. Although it would make "sense" if you don't have LTE like we do?

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  14. EnerG

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    Are you suggesting the car uses a WiFi link and uses the owners data plan to pull the data?
    I think that would likely be much better than the live HD Traffic data we get in Canada. As much as I enjoy the NAV directions in the HUD I have given them up for the Waze app and there's no going back. With the new speed cams in BC it is nice to have Waze remind you where they are.

    Has anyone noticed if the XM Traffic info shows up in the HUD ?
  15. Traffic info doesn't show up in the HUD at all. The only thing the HUD shows you is the next turn. The traffic info is only displayed on the center map screen and of course used to calculate a fast route.

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  16. CJC

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    The traffic information on our Kona EV seems first rate. We live very close to White Rock Peace Arch border and Pacific Crossing in a community that can get locked with traffic as people try to drive through our neighbourhood to avoid using the Hwy. 99 route or 176th Street route to cross the border. I have been impressed with my nav. screen showing red where all that traffic is happening so I can try to find a route out and back into my neighbourhood. This weekend is very bad due to the Blue Jays playing in Seattle and we have 2 hour line ups going down.
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  17. mikeselectricstuff

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    You can either tether to your phone, or use a 'wingle'-usb wifi-4g dongle . In the Uk you can get a SIM from Three with enough free data (200M i think) to run the live updates free, so it just works, without costing anything
  18. I'm in Ontario, and I've now lost my HD traffic info due to the SiriusXM trial period ending. I have no interest in satellite radio, so paying for the subscription just for traffic isn't worth it with Google Maps and Android Auto providing it for free. If I could get the Kona to tether to my phone that would be great, but I don't think that's an option here, unless I've missed something.
  19. No, you can't do that.

    Just to clarify: XM radio and hd radio are two different sources of traffic and they don't have anything to do with each other. You have to subscribe to Sirius xm, but hd radio is free.

    Google maps is your map software, Android auto doesn't do traffic, it's just the way how your phone is "projected" into your car.

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  20. EnerG

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    That's not 100% correct. Android Auto does do traffic if you use the Waze app.
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