Extended Warranty for Kona EV?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by lsbovi, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. GPM432

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    Sounds like a good deal to me
  2. Sandwedge

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    We purchased the warranty to extend everything to 8 years for $1500cdn . They originally asked $2800 but we were not really interested so we low balled them, much to our surprise they accepted. $100 deductible and would get to transfer the warranty to a new car if never used.
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  3. GPM432

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    Now that sounds like a decent deal with the $100 deductible. Being the devils advocate you can see with your price that I bet not may extended warrantys are used. Just my thought
  4. lsbovi

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    Just to follow up on my original thread. We did end up buying the warranty for $1800 for eight years. Recently we took the Kona in because the left rear tire was losing air. Apparently it would have cost us $200 to repair but the extended warranty covered it. I’m surprised it wouldn’t have just been covered by the regular warranty
  5. GPM432

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    Yes that is odd but it should be covered under the tire warranty.
  6. GPM432

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    where are you located Sand wedge
  7. Sandwedge

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    I honestly hope not but the
  8. Sandwedge

    Sandwedge New Member

    Tire Road Hazard Protection is part of the extended coverage.


    Just an FYI, Kal Tire in Canada has never charged me for flat repairs. They told me they do it to promote future business.
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  9. Kamloops_KoNa

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    When my Kona arrives, One of the first places I'm taking it to is a tire shop to replace the cheap junkers that come with it.
    It'll be costco or Kal Tire- I've had great service at both.

    Extended warranties are a Pandoras box. I personally think they're a huge money making scam and rarely cover much, but others feel they've benefited from them too. I personally will pass on them.
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  10. apu

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    I generally avoid extended warranties on vehicles because frankly as insurance policies they usually represent poor value. That said in my many vehicles purchases over the past 40 years I have bought extended warranties on 2 occasions. One was turbocharged vehicle that I got scared by the immature anti turbo technology hype of the time. Needless to say I still own that car and it is now 22 years old and has required no special repairs, the warranty was a waste. Second case was on a Honda Civic, I was fairly confident I would not need it but I bought the $1000 warranty mostly because it provided the dealer sufficient profit to close the deal and I got perks on the side to offset its cost. Fast forward 5 years and I was right I never required the use of the warranty but ultimately it was deciding factor for the new buyer to have the remains of a transferable warranty. I figure maybe got $500 more for my car that I may not without the extended warranty. So that warranty was probably a wash or nominal loss.

    Now whenever my Kona arrives I will not buy the $3145 premium plus plan for 8 year/160k km available from Hyundai Canada, mostly because EV technology is already reasonably mature and Hyundai already has comprehensive for 5 years /100k km and the same coverage for the batteries and EV electronics up to 8 years/160k km in Canada. So $3000 insurance for the remainder of the car which is "old tech" for the additional 3 years after the comprehensive is a little steep. I would rather keep the 3K in my tax deferred savings account that earns typically over 6%. That $3K will be closer to $5K in 8 years.
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  11. Kitsilano

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    Kal Tire---the shop on Arbutus in Vancouver---has given me great service.
  12. popnfrresh

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    YMMV. My subaru wrx needed a new engine at 500 miles, turbo at 45k miles, fuel pump at 67k miles etc and a couple of more repairs.
  13. electriceddy

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    Too new a platform and loads of electronics to fail was my reasoning for taking it, I guess time will tell as I expect to keep this car longer than the previous 2 Leafs I owned combined.
  14. TheLight75

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    As a general rule of thumb, I always decline any add-ons which the finance manager tries to get me to buy. These are all very high-margin items that pad the profit for the dealership.
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  15. To Electriceddy, I see you're posting your warranty cost in CDN, could you please tell me where in Canada you got that deal. I'm picking up a new Kona EV today and yesterday was quoted $4200 for a 7yr-110000km extended warranty as a "great deal". A friend in the insurance business strongly suggested I negociate so was hoping to bring your post to the negotiation table. According to this blog $2K is a reasonable cost but I'm sure they'll say that most are probably from the USA...
  16. electriceddy

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    Wheaton Hyundai (Nanaimo, B.C.) see my profile page for location. Some got it even cheaper but not sure of their location as most don't fill it out. First offer was much higher, I think about $2700, but a little negotiating brought it down.
    Where are you in Canada? If you fill that out in profile, it keeps people from guessing.
  17. Thanks for the tip, added info to profile (just up the road in Cumberland). Picked up our KonaEV yesterday and got the Hyundai 8yr-160000km-$100 deduction insurance for $2045.
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  18. Jealous! When did you order it? Preferred or Ultimate? Enjoy!
  19. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I wonder if they offer it after purchase for a similar price?
  20. I got the extended warranty from the base 60,000 for my Nissan Versa note and extended it to 160,000 6 years from 3. Biggest regret of my life. One warranty issue inside the main warranty period and $3000 “reassurance” that did absolutely nothing. The process is a cash cow for private sellers and a few people will
    Actually benefit from it. Hyundai already has a 100,000km 5 year and an EV has waaaaaaay less moving/mechanical parts. Peace of mind? More like another peace out of your pocket. If the car isn’t having issues in 100,000km the odds are pretty low they’re going to after...
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