Extended Warranty for Kona EV?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by lsbovi, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. lsbovi

    lsbovi New Member

    I picked up my ceramic blue Kona EV on Friday and I love it. They did the hard sell in the business office trying to sell us two extended warranty packages. One was for paint/leather etc protection for about $1500, I'm definitely not buying that one. I bought it for my veloster and it was useless.
    There is an 8 year extended warranty that covers everything including onboard computers etc.
    This is over and above the awesome warranty that comes with the car. We have until today to decide to buy it. I think it was around $2500. (they dropped it in price a couple of times trying to get us to buy). They told us we were the only ones at the dealership that refused it.

    My question is, did you buy this extended warranty and if so, what did you pay?

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  2. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    I traded in another Hyundai car with a 3rd party warranty. So they basically gave $500 off he price of the warranty so came to $2345 or something like that plus another $1k to my trade. I pick it up today so don’t have the exact number handy. If I don’t use it they’ll give me $2000 back so seems like a fairly small investment to make on a 1st generation car.
  3. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    My only word of warning is be careful with the rust and paint protection warranty. My dealer tried to sell it to me - I said yes- only to find out that it voids the warranty. They called Hyundai directly and were told that any rust protection module or spray will void the warranty. I ended up getting the premium warranty instead. Originally $2800, they gave it to me for $1900.
  4. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    Thanks Brennan. I showed them this message and they gave it to me for $1900 too!
  5. E-Shark

    E-Shark Active Member

    When you say 8 years, do you actually mean 8 years or is there a KM limit too?? ie whichever one comes first??
  6. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    Yeah it’s basically a full 8 year warranty with 160,000kms and you can get the price paid back (up to $2000 - minus any taxes) when you sell the car. The base warranty stops on a lot of the entertainment components at 3 years. I probably would have passed on it as it is really just the battery that is $$ to fix (and it has the 8 year warranty already) but since it’s a gen 1 car I figured I’d be safe.
  7. What duration is the factory warranty on the Kona and on what parts?
    Can't seem to find on Hyundai website.
    Also does the extended warranty cover say... the inverter, heat pump, VCM (if there is one), obc, dist module any EV related parts or distribution as in connectors wiring etc?
    The last "extended warranty" I had on Leaf did not (at least in writing), it was also vague on replacing the taillights or led headlights(modules) as it was written old style mentioning actual light bulbs not covered.
    As for getting money back after selling the car without extended warranty usage; I had the pistons replaced on the rear hatch after 3 yrs (a $30 part) it was done n/c using the extended warranty which now meant no money back
  8. Sandrae

    Sandrae New Member

  9. Sandrae

    Sandrae New Member

    They did the same with us and we didn’t buy any of it.
  10. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    Same here. We didn't buy any of it either.
  11. Mdsweb

    Mdsweb Member

    I'm negotiating the warranty right now with my dealer - they mentioned something about a $100 deductible? I have not seen this mentioned in any posts - for those who have purchased the extended warranty, is there any mention of a $100 deductible for any future warranty service? I think you can choose to waive it but it makes the warranty more expensive... just need to clarify. Thanks.
  12. d-b

    d-b New Member

    Yep - mine includes the $100 deductible.
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  13. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    Sure they start at $3000. then work down to $1900... What a deal you say buts it's really a waste of your our money.. They always said in the past what if the AC broke down.
  14. JellyCat

    JellyCat New Member

    I bought an extended warranty for 6 year which is the maximum length of time I'll be keeping this vehicle. I liked that if you don't make any claims you get your next extended warranty for free on a new vehicle. Of course, I'm not sure if I'd want another Hyundai, this is my fist one.
  15. My fist one too!:D
    Just kidding, I was a big fan of no ext warranty but I am sure glad I got one this time. Like the Dealer says nothing much is covered after 3 years (electronic wise) and seeing as I will probably keep the car after that hopefully it will pay off.
    Just looked under the hood today in great detail and seeing all those hydraulic lines off the master brake cylinder and considering ALL the electronics in all the systems 8 years worry free seems comforting to me.
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  16. drivingbythesun

    drivingbythesun New Member

    Ugh, I got everything they offered me, some kind of warranty against staining the seats and the outside paint. I figured with leather, pets, and a mechanic in the family, that might get used. Then they offered me the warranty, and said it covered replaceable things too, like the key fob, windshield wiper, lights. Instead of quoting me the amount, they quoted me the increase in monthly payment, and I did my math in my head wrong. So when I got home and read up on everything and how much it cost, I was not a happy camper. They sold me a 4 year, 60k warranty version because I answered a questionnaire stating I would keep the car for 4 years, not knowing they were asking because of what they were going to try to sell me. I canceled it already. It would give me 1 extra year on the electronics and then if I lost/broke a key fob. They tried to get me to keep it showing me it was worth like $5000 - but that's only if everything that possibly could go wrong does! I thought I would keep my old car for only 4 years - I've had it for 10. I don't know how long I'll keep a car! Until I find a different EV that I like, I guess!
  17. E-Shark

    E-Shark Active Member

    Oh my what an experience! Good thing you still had time to cancel, one year doesn't seem worth it.
  18. popnfrresh

    popnfrresh Member

    Bought a 10 year bumper to bumper 125k mile for 1400 USD, normally 2600.
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  19. $2K Cdn for 8 yr 160,000km c/w $100 deductable FWIW
  20. BMKoNa

    BMKoNa New Member

    In California.
    I got the 10year full warranty. I was able to negotiate them down to 2k. It seems worth it to have a comprehensive warranty given the amount of electronics on the car.
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