Clunking sound when reversing and clunking sound at the rear at low speed

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by CJC, Mar 8, 2019.

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    When i picked up my Kona in Kamloops in late July, I told the service dept I was planning to have the Kona back in to have the brake pads replaced when they started clunking. They looked surprised, esp when I told them its a common problem and how simple the fix was.I'll be bringing it in soon; just have to find a convenient time for myself
  2. Unfortunately if the noise isn't there the chances of them being changed under warranty is likely to be zero until Hyundai deems it necessary.:(
    Try and get it in there when it makes the noise as it can be intermittent , even if just to have them listen and arrange a repair time later. The process of ordering the (right) parts will probably take 2 weeks.
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    It makes the noise often and I can recreate it when I put it in neutral to activate the hydraulic brakes. They seem like a decent dealership in Kamloops, so here's to hoping!
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    I went to the service centre at Kamloops Hyundai and told them that my brakes were clunking. The service manager (sorry didn't get his name) was walking past the reception person, overheard and said "book him in, we're aware of it; we'll fix it".
    He said one of his mechanic techs also has the Kona EV and had the issue as well. Initially they ordered new brake pads, but they turned out to be the same size/dimensions. He said the larger clips should rectify it.
    I'll update after the service
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    Please get the part numbers so we can provide them to other dealers (or even order aftermarket)!
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    When I had mine done a few months ago for the clunking, they initially just put the new pads on that they had ordered from South Korea and then had to put the clips on as they said it was the clips and not the pads causing the issue. Initially they just put the bigger pads on which did nothing and the clips appear to have addressed the clunk.
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    Hi Everybody!
    Well I am happy to say that I have returned to a SUPER HAPPY Kona EV customer!
    Since my last post, Hyundai Regina replaced the brake pads (I don't know with what size, but will make sure and get that information printed from the work order). The clicking sound was unchanged so I headed back 3 days later and they immediately gave me a replacement vehicle - ICE :(
    They then replaced the electric transmission, and Voila, my EV is back to the silent trend setter it was meant to be. Although now, of course, I am noting other noises ;) - nothing concerning, just haven't been able to really listen for SO long..
    My impression from Hyundai Service here is that Hyundai Tech is aware of many of these issues, and, if they are really a good company, wish to correct as many as possible so that their brand name doesn't go down the toilet..
    I hope that they deal with all of your Kona EV issues as well as they dealt with mine. I don't know if it helped that I am a member of the Saskatchewan Electric Vehicle Association and have a BIG MOUTH, both when I am happy/satisfied, but especially when I am NOT pleased with something.
    Good luck!
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    This is super exciting to hear!
    Please, please let us know the part numbers, etc. Those of us in the States seem to have much more reluctant Hyundai dealers, plus the dealership that sold me the car (and probably the only one who would be willing to tear it apart) is 2 hours away.
    If Hyundai knows there is a problem, I really wish they would issue a recall so that we don't all have to fight with the dealerships about it.
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    Sorry I didn't get the part numbers but the service peeps put in the new clips in an hr. I guess it helps having some of the service techs and mechanics owning the kona EVs in Kamloops :)

    Apparently as mentioned previously its NOT the pads; only the clips that hold them in. Easy shmeasy fix!
    If any dealer is giving you problems have them call/contact the Kamloops hyundai service dept; they know this is an issue
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    Larger pad clips are needed.... That's it. Have your dealer email Kamloops hyundai service dept, or contact them on your own and give them the response.
    Best of luck! Let me know how it goes
  11. Kamloops_KoNa

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    Thanks for the info re your transmission.... Gives me something to lean on should I find a similar issue.
    Mine just hisses on acceleration; something I'm OK with as it beats the moaning mermaid Vess that I disconnected
  12. Good to hear positive news regarding service from Hyundai. Please update the following thread:
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    I experienced this clunk coming from the rear brakes and can't recall when it exactly started. Current mileage is approx 6500km

    It was intermittent at times and sometimes a softer clunk and sometimes very loud where you could almost feel it.

    I took it into my dealer and they were unable to replicate the issue. I sent in some videos and forwarded threads from this forum and on my second visit they asked to keep the car for a day or two.

    Luckily I was given a loaner and they reported back, they spoke with Hyundai engineers and have come up with a solution to this problem.

    They had the car for almost 4 days with the ordering of replacement parts and installation time.

    THe official repair notes state the following:

    Both Left and Right Rear hub, knuckle, rotors and pads were replaced. Test drove vehicle and noise gone.

    I am happy to report that 2 days after the repair I have yet to hear a clunk when braking. Hopefully this is a permanent fix and this issue wont come back.

    I am surprised that they went to this extent to fix the issue even after I forwarded information from this forum. They knew that some people had the issue repaired with new pads and clips and some had it repaired with just clips.

    Happy to see that money wasn't a driving force to repair the issue.

    If you have any questions please ask.

    Thanks for all the sharing of information!!
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  14. Probably the most extensive repairs for this issue to date. but at least the results worked well for you. Very short repair turn around time as well;)
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