Clunking sound when reversing and clunking sound at the rear at low speed

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by CJC, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Wayne Warde

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    Well come over here......... They wash the car when they are done.
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  2. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    In the middle of the snafu this morning, I was tempted to say "forget it. I am booking with Nanaimo for the problem as they have the experience."
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  3. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member

    Where is everybody? I'm guessing Wayne Warde and Electriceddy are near Nanaimo, is that right? I'm in Vancouver near the Burrard Street Bridge, as you may have guessed from my forum handle. CJC??
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  4. Wayne Warde

    Wayne Warde Active Member

    yes I am in Nanaimo
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  5. I as well
  6. Everwary

    Everwary New Member

    The sound in my KONA reminds me of when we used to secure a playing card or paper to the Y support of our bicycles and it would click on the spokes as the wheel turned (a reassuring fun sound when we were kids, now I just want to strangle someone!!). It is particularly noticeable as the KONA ends the use of its regenerative brakes. Fortunately, the manager at my dealership heard it for himself last week, and asked me, like CJC, to, "continue driving it for a week and see if it gets worse..". So far I haven't noticed the clunking that many other InsideEVsForum members have mentioned.
    We have a SEVA (Saskatchewan Electric Vehicle Association) event coming up and I cannot recommend the vehicle to the public with this issue ongoing. I will be taking my KONA back to the dealership with a request that they call the Nanaimo dealership regarding a possible solution.
    Thanks for linking my concern to your May 2019 posts.
    I don't think it has anything to do with the drive train, but I really have no idea..
  7. The problem was movement of the pads within the calipers- a minor but irritating issue resolved by replacing the pads with larger ones including new clips. Been quiet ever since.
  8. Exactly the comparison I made: a card in the spokes.
  9. Did you get yours fixed Wildeyed?
  10. Thus far I have simply considered it a normal sound of meshing gears. It sounds very normal too me. I have not sought any fix at this point though I will mention it to my dealer at service time in order to have it on the record should it devolve into something more ominous down the line..
  11. SeanH

    SeanH Member

    Do you have the part numbers for this? My dealership "couldn't hear the noise" and "didn't see anything wrong".
  12. Danny D

    Danny D New Member

    Same here, I also seem to have the issue with my car. Only when I'm driving slow, trying to park or... Not very noticible, but still not normal. Hoping someone find out the solution...
    (21.000 km)
  13. Just take it to the dealer, it's a warranty repair.
  14. Danny D

    Danny D New Member

    Yes thanks, that is probably the best solution.
  15. Hopefully your dealer has a "good" service dept, if not ( as stated in above posts) - there are plenty around to choose from. The warranty specifies to take to Hyundai for service but does not specify the closest.
  16. At a little over 1100 miles, I'm now noticing the clunking sounds from the rear brakes. Anyone know if there is a Technical Service Bulletin on this yet? I'd like to be armed with as much information as possible before taking it in.
  18. Thanks for the lead on this brake noise issue folks. I tool my Kona into Hyundai in Kamloops and I think in spite of some hesitation with me mentioning it was identified in this forum (and after calling Nanaimo service dept myself) I’m hoping all parties can get on same page and get this fix implemented at no cost to me.

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