Your brain made you buy a Kona, but did your heart want a Model 3?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by robxb, Aug 26, 2019.

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  1. robxb

    robxb Active Member

    I'm sure we all dreamed of a $35,000 electric car a few years ago, but then for those of us in other countries (Canada here), we quickly realized there was currency conversion to consider. I had a deposit on a Model 3 until I put another on a red Kona Preferred, and then got a refund from Tesla, but what caused me to do this? What was your justification in getting a Kona over a Model 3?

    1. The base Model 3, which could only be special-ordered as of this year, was disappointing; a compliance vehicle on Tesla's part, just to say they achieved that $35,000 price tag. It offered limited range and took away features like heated seats, quality speakers and detailed maps, while including fancier things many people didn't need or want (like a glass roof, to make production easier).

    2. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus costs about $11,000 more than the Kona Preferred, which offers better range. A tough pill to swallow for a car that offers most of the premium features any person would want in it's base model here in Canada.

    3. The Model 3 lacks Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and a heated steering wheel, among other things.

    4. If the Model 3 breaks, it's more expensive and sometimes more difficult to repair quickly. Hyundai is a more established brand, which might offer some peace of mind to certain customers.

    5. Everything being on the centre screen seems dangerous and distracting, especially on the base model which doesn't include autopilot and some collision avoidance systems. Ever try to use a touch screen on a bumpy road? Not ideal.. Physical buttons, knobs and levers are better to operate on muscle memory alone.

    All that being said... the Model 3 is arguably the better car, in terms of performance and charging speeds, with the amazing bonus of having access to the supercharger network. The OTA updates upgrade your car a few times per year, giving awesome new features like Sentry Mode and an in-built dashcam. It offers better leg room and even a frunk!

    It's what I want as an enthusiast, but when my brain chimes in and says "that $11,000 can go towards your mortgage or your wife's next car, and you won't be driving with your pedal to the metal in real-world traffic", it makes it difficult to justify.

    What are your thoughts and experience with choosing between the two?

    PS. Red Kona Preferred, ordered in Ontario at the end of April, supposedly being delivered in December (fingers crossed).
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  3. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    I was ready to buy the mid range Model 3 for about $40000.... but I was procrastinating and come 2019, Tesla lost it's $7500 tax credit.. Now, something that was already close to a certainty became uncertain.. When I found out about the Kona's US battery lifetime warranty, I made up my mind to get the Kona.. If the battery on the M3 goes bad after 100k miles, you end up with a worthless piece of metal as the car likely will be worth less than the cost of a new replacement battery.. So, I think that getting the Kona was the smart choice and I'm very happy with my choice. Another issue with M3's is that it takes forever to get parts and their restrictions of what shop you can bring the car also sucks. Any maintenance on Tesla cars cost multiple times what it costs on a Kona.. Getting the Kona was the smart choice.. The Model 3 is a beautiful, sleek sexy car but the Kona was the intelligent choice.
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  4. sosmerc

    sosmerc New Member

    I haven't ordered anything yet, but have similar thoughts and concerns. I am considering a Model Y, but might be just as well off with a Kona EV or Niro EV.
    AWD and the ability to tow are key factors that have put my plans on hold until the Y becomes reality and the price and specs nailed down. The Tesla charging network is a BIG deal for me as well. I am just not confident in what the future of CCS networks will be like and I certainly don't won't to travel without confidence in the ability to find convenient and reliable fast charging along my trip route. If I had a Tesla right now I would have no problems taking trips to the places we want to get to. So my brain currently says for me to wait a little longer to see how things are really going to shape up. Sure wish that towing and AWD was an option on the Hyundai/Kia EV's.
  5. I didn't buy a M3 for all the same reasons listed by robxb and BlueKonaEV. I'm extremely pleased with my decision to go with the Kona and have absolutely zero regrets.
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  6. nigels

    nigels Active Member

    I had no interest in a Model 3 or other Tesla vehicle. I remain skeptical of that company's long-term viability and don't like the premium price/low quality interior combination, or the styling of the M3. When I was looking to replace my Audi Q5 I considered 2 ICE cars and threw in the Kona EV as a wildcard option. I wasn't shopping for an EV until I test drove the Kona EV. I loved everything about it, especially coming from the Q5 (all badge and no features). To me, the Kona EV represents an inflection point in the EV market. It provides enough range for most to consider it as a primary vehicle, is relatively affordable (with incentives) compared to the alternatives, has a practical form factor, good standard equipment, and a battery warranty that alleviates consumer fears of expensive battery replacement. We have 3 sports cars, so our Kona is the practical all-year-round vehicle. We're constantly commenting on how much fun it is to drive from the instant torque, to the smooth ride, to the spaceship noises it makes. It's getting a lot more action because of that. The 300-mile+ range we're experiencing during the summer is just icing on the cake.

    I can't think of another EV that I'd rather have right now. The fact that EVs have gone from being clown cars to serious ICE alternatives means that there will be more options available in the future. Although I'm not a Tesla fan, I do give them kudos for making EVs desirable and being a wake-up call for the car manufacturers who were complacently selling the same old ICE technology. The Kona EV is the first of the second generation of EVs for the real world, and I hope it refocuses others to create even more affordable EVs with better batteries and better range.
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  8. I didn't like the modern, space-agey feel of the Model 3, to be honest. It just didn't seem to fit my style. So when I saw the Kona and it also got fantastic range, it was a no-brainer to me. Plus the tax credit and incredible Hyundai warranty. Also, Model 3 is rear wheel drive and I live in New England. I think there's an all-wheel drive model, but it was beyond my price range.
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  9. nigels

    nigels Active Member

  10. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

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  11. nigels

    nigels Active Member

    Absolutely, it's at least a USD $90,000+ car.
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  13. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    If i wasn't married with kids, I would already on the list of those reserving one..
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  14. Despite its initial claims of being a Tesla killer, 350 kwh charging capacity, it turns out the Taycan is actually slower than a model S PD100 and the actual charging capacity will be only 250 kwh. It looks great but Tesla killer its not.
  15. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    The thing that the Porsche haa going for it ia repeatability. Watched a video of them accelerating it from 0 to 225 kmh many times in a row. Tesla does not recommend doing such thing in ludicrous mode.
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  16. I like the look of the model s and model 3. And I considered buying a model 3, but for the sake reasons already mentioned I went with the Kona. It just has a better value for less money. Features that you only get worth to specs on the model 3 and it then it's much more expensive than the Kona.

    Also, I like to drive an ev and people not really noticing. I don't need a status symbol. I never had anybody asking me about it (other than colleagues or friends of course).

    We drove a car with the instrument cluster in the middle and I hated it, so the only middle screen in the model 3 is something I don't like.

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  17. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member

    Porsche is Porsche. Here is an EV that tempts me to rob money from my childen's inheritance! Boy O Boy!
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  18. I needed an EV with a hatch back c/w a lot of range and could't afford a model X, didn't want to wait for Y.
    Story over.
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  19. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Model Y was what I wanted. Tesla led with the 3. I prefer hatch, or fastback,not fixed trunk.Model 3 lacks: moonroof, XM, Android Auto,Sat.Nav., hatch, heated steering wheel, ventilated seats,sightly higher driving height. Sat.Nav.matters when you're in the middle of nowhere,and lose a mobile signal.After a year using only AA,and losing navigation in unfamiliar places.I wanted the option to choose Sat.Nav. Function,the Kona EV could use a frunk which would be helpful,even the i3 has one. The DCFC is improving.Here's hoping Hyundai will negotiate charging partners to allow owners to have seamless charging at hydro rates. Tesla may be the benchmark,but I feel the Kona EV, eNiro,and Soul EV offfers what many EV drivers need for a price without regrets.If only Hyundai would ship more of the aforementioned to not appear like they're meeting ZEV compliance.
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  20. You know that you can download the route in Google maps for offline navigation?

    Yeah, they definitely "compliance" it at this time.

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  21. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Even better if Hyundai will start offering software updates*
    Charging, Hyundai will unlock the 100kw to make road trips more efficient.
    Audi, had the Q5, needed a major engine overhaul within about 4 years of ownership. Electrical issues plague Audis to date.
  22. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    People do notice my Kona EV. Today,in traffic, an ICE pulled up beside me,motioned for me to put my window down.He asked me how I liked my electric :p This was after my acceleration left traffic at the intersection within the 80km/49mile speed limit.My answer, "I like it a lot."
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  23. Nice, it might be Las Vegas. People here are weird.

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