XC60 T8: first week

Discussion in 'Volvo' started by sevimli, Jan 4, 2019.

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  1. sevimli

    sevimli New Member

    Hello all!
    First time Volvo owner here. We were (kinda still "are") excited about our new plugin hybrid suv.

    But we got multiple issues in 6days (~120miles).

    My OBD2 scanner shows the following errors:
    -P0EBF which has no definition
    -P0AE3 which is Hybrid Battery Precharge Contactor Circuit Stuck Open.

    Possible causes for the 2nd one:
    Faulty System Main Relay, System Main Relay harness is open or shorted, System Main Relay circuit poor electrical connection, Faulty HV control ECU

    Hope none of these are real.

    Top of everything, 4 days ago parking climate quit working as well, I am getting "parking climate encountered an issue" message on my phone, nothing more nothing less.

    5 days ago, 2nd or 3rd day of ownership, had a very strange experience; parked in a underground garage, after 4hrs, tried to back up and leave the garage, and we couldn't.
    I was able to change the shift to "R" and in 1 second car was changing it back to "P", we tried to 20-30 minutes to solve this issue, and finally we managed to get out by switching drive mode to "power". Yes, we had plenty of juice in the batteries, the car just did not want to move.

    Another thing that we realized is that the MPG on this car is not as we expected, it is stuck at 19-19.5.
    Our 2003 Murano is getting between 19-20MPG which is an AWD with 3.5liters V6 engine.

    Any comments would be appreciated. Our car is in service last 7 hours , did not hear anything back (yet).

    Happy belated new year to everyone!

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  3. Sorry to hear about all your troubles. We'll send out a tweet to see if we can find any owners with similar issues.

    Please update us with how this turns out.

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