Wrong paint code?

Discussion in 'Volt' started by Eric Suter, Oct 7, 2019.

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  1. Eric Suter

    Eric Suter New Member

    I bought a Volt LT at the end of August. It is Cajun red tintcoat or at least that's what it says on the sticker. This past weekend, something from the road went across the hood and left a couple scratches with one down to metal. They are pretty tiny, but needed to be addressed on the quick.

    I went to my local dealer to buy some touch up paint. I told him the sticker said it was Cajun red and he looked it up by VIN and confirmed that. He had the paint which has a code of 434B and that is also listed on the build sticker on the bottom of the drivers side B pillar. I went to apply it and it was much darker than my paint. I quickly removed it while it was wet and thought that maybe it would get lighter as it dried so I put a drop on the radiator support to see what it looked like later. Still too dark.

    That got me thinking that maybe since my Volt was one of the last they just got confused at the end or maybe ran out of the specified paint and used another red they had? So I looked up what else was being made at the Detroit / Hamtramck plant at the time and saw that it was the Chevy Impala and Cadillac CT6 as well as the also recently retired Buick LaCrosse. I then went through the build pages on Buick, Chevy and Cadillac's sites to see if they had other red's they were offering on each car and finding the paint codes for each. For the LaCrosse and Impala, the red offered was the same code as my Cajun red which was 434B.

    The Cadillac site listed Red Obsession tintcoat that was paint code 132X. That also translates to Garnet red on the Camaro as well. My local Chevy dealer didn't have it in stock, but my local Cadillac dealer did so I bought it and it is a perfect match.

    So I have a Volt that has listed as with a paint code 434B on the VIN and on the build sticker, but it was really painted with 132X Cadillac Red Obsession. I guess it is a limited edition Volt!
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  3. bluzer1

    bluzer1 New Member

    Yup, instantly worth twice what you paid! ;-)

    So were you able to get the Cadillac Red Obsession touch up paint?

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