World Premier of the VW ID.Buzz

Discussion in 'ID. Buzz' started by DLinLV, Mar 6, 2022.

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  2. The VW ID. Buzz has officially launched! We have the official launch video, as well as footage we took of both the passenger and Cargo versions, which I'll share below.
    As a reminder, this is not coming to the US until 2023, and when it does we'll get the long wheelbase version. Hopefully, that will also get a larger battery option.

    Here's the official world premiere video.

    Here is our video of the passenger Buzz.

    And here's our video of Buzz Cargo (unfortunately can't embed the video here).
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  3. Really need a price. Know the range is gonna be lackluster at best. If its priced lower than the ID.4 (which I seriously doubt) then it might be worth it.
  4. Yes, it will be more expensive than ID. 4, but with the bigger battery pack options, it may actually get better range than ID.4.
  5. 100 kg roof load capacity... more than enough for a couple of surfboards or kayaks, this fun EV van would be a great beach mobile:)
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  7. Really looking forward to this one, which is a surprise to even me! We currently have a Kona EV, and a 2017 Golf (petrol) which I was considering selling to get maybe a Ioniq 5 or whatever small EV pickup would be available at a decent price in the near future...
    This is actually REALLY tempting for camping/hiking/outdoor lovers! The V2H function is also a big plus for me. I think I'll hold on to my Golf for a little while

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