World is rejecting Trump Admin's attempt to bailout petrol with tariffs

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Petrol is now like a drug from a pusher that people have suddenly lost interest, gone sober on and turned against. But it is still heavily subsidized in the US and if they suddenly can't sell it all those petrol derivatives (natural gas most of all) will implode wreaking all those banks that have skin in the game on the petrol derivative fraud and the US will be back to 2007 collapse but this time the public won't be in the mood to accept austerity (definitely not bail-ins) or another bailout and pubic will get very clear on truth of the petrol cancer that has been hollowing out the US economy for 50 years and was responsible for both crashes and all the useless wars. Bailing out petrol ceased to be a reasonable idea around 1950. Its totally unacceptable now and the world is no longer going to allow it or pay for it.

    A month ago Trump admin showed its hand it as it was trying to force China to buy more coal and 'energy' basically trying to force China on point of a tarriff to pollute more and undermine the world's fight to be free of petrol slavery and its tyrrany/terrorism and pollution. Petrol isn't energy anymore, from the fuel energy perspective it is permanently dead economically and politically must stay in the ground.

    Of course this transparent tariff based attempt to bail out petrol yet again is backfiring. Today China turned away a ship carrying US coal and is targeting petrol per the media under the guise of things like "agriculture." The petrol captured media is trying to spin this as targeting farmers and targeting Trump when its targeting petrol which targets the GOP's money- which is fine.

    The world's trading partners are not stupid. They made up their mind with Paris. They know Trump is temporary. They won't target Tesla even if tempted by the threat it represents to some status quo obsolete players in their own economies because they know the point of petrol since 1970 has been slavery to take us back to the plantation as part of scam because post labor (circa 1970) the wealthy can no longer justify their status (pie slicer is broke)- beyond GAIs this was/is a situation communism was always intended to address, just not yet successfully in a top down form. Trump can try to jack up prices on things like chips imported from China but that's is blunt instrument that raises costs generally and hurts the US economy broadly.

    Hillarious the the US was willing to reject its free markets bs to try to bailout for the 50th time the fail-on-purpose-and-on-schedule petrol fuel/energy scam because its a hollowing out agent (prop up the status of the leisure class with the plantation) and now communist China is the new defender of 'free markets,' as it is claiming through its government as the US tries to undermine the globalist WTO the US helped set up in the name of free trade because the cumulative effects of hollowing out by petrol can't be lied about anymore.

    World was done with petrol on 9/11 as it was so transparent, and done with the GOP with Katrina the two are like zombies.
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