Working efficiency of EV motor

Discussion in 'General' started by SRCGTA, Jan 11, 2018.

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    SRCGTA New Member

    Can anybody give me idea about working efficiency of EV motor and efficiency of brake regeneration ?

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  3. A little late seeing this post..but the efficiency of electric motors varies. I've seen as low as 85% (typically brushed DC) and as high as 96%. To add to that, the efficiency of any electric motor changes depending on a number of factors, like speed and load. Generally, though, I think it's in the low 90's.

    Brake regeneration, I've heard, is limited so that it doesn't capture 100% of the energy that it could. It also varies greatly by manufacturer. Sorry I can't give more precise data here. I think in mixed driving, regen can improve range by 5 to 15% depending on the vehicle and conditions.

    SRCGTA New Member

    Thanks for guidance

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