Workhorse Group vehicles: vans, pickups, octocopters, oh my!

Discussion in 'Other EVs' started by Domenick, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Workhorse Unwraps New N-Gen Electric Van With Optional Delivery Drone

    If you've been following electric vehicles for a while, you may remember AMP Electric Vehicles. Once thought to be pretty much dead in the water, the outfit reversed its fortunes, apparently, when it bought up a company assets from Navistar and Workhorse Group was born.

    As you can see in the link above, they've just revealed a new electric van that comes with an optional drone to help make deliveries. They are also taking pre-orders for a plug-in hybrid pickup truck, the W-15, and so far have about $300 million worth. And, oh yeah, they have a personal octocopter that they say can carry two people for 70 miles.

    Should be an interesting company to watch. They're definitely taking big swings of the bat, and if they actually connect with one, it may be a homer. (Not that Homer.)

    Here's the new N-Gen, which debuted this morning.

    Workhorse N-Gen .jpg
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