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Discussion in 'I-Pace' started by bwilson4web, Aug 4, 2019.

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    The relatively low, 213 sales in July has triggered a number of "What is wrong with I-Pace" posts in YouTube posts. An I-Pace like a Model X or e-tron is too much car for us so I'm somewhat removed but I found this YouTube is special:

    (NOTE: open in Youtube and speed up the playback speed as this is too long.)
    • Alex - a former Tesla owner who now drives a Volt has openly bragged about reserving a Byron. His channel is supported by Byron.
    • Tom - a BMW i3 and now Model 3 owner, Tom has, as he should, done a number of press day, Byron videos
    They were not alone as Nikki of "Transport Evolved" and other articles found at "InSideEVs" have tried to ask 'what is wrong.' Part of this may have been how the I-Pace 'Press Day' led to so many overly optimistic reviews. But I think @David Green by example has revealed a significant clue when his earlier I-Pace plans were replaced by an e-tron purchase.

    So here is my short list:
    • e-tron is the I-Pace killer - both vehicles have similar performance metrics trying to match the Tesla Model X. However, the e-tron styling seems to appeal to potential I-Pace buyers as I-Pace sales have a constant rate. The e-tron is still in the initial 3-4 month, new model bump.
    • I-Pace 'Jaguar gill' is an engine grill, not an EV grill. BTW, so too is the e-tron but at least it doesn't have that silly grill-to-hood tunnel.
    Would I-Pace or e-tron buyers have gone with a Tesla Model S/X? I can't find sales numbers to support that hypothesis. A quick survey of Tesla Model X on eBay and Google has too many 'generic' car dealers to see a pattern.

    Bob Wilson
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