Winter set of wheels

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ColoradoKonaEV, Aug 9, 2021.

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  1. I'd like to get a second set of wheels with winter tires and be able to swap the two sets myself if possible. Looking for recommendations for inexpensive rim and good snow tires. Are there any videos on how to lift the car at home? What kind of jack to use and where to place it under the car in order not to damage the battery? Thanks!
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  3. I did not want the typical winter steel wheels. I ended up getting some nice 17 inch Hyundai factory aluminum wheels off an older SUV for my winter rims. Found these on Kijiji, they were relatively cheap. Most if not all Hyundai vehicles share the same hub diameter, bolt spacing. Keep in mind there is not alot of room in those wheel wells for wheel/tire size variation. You need to be sensitive to the wheel diameter(17 inches), wheel width (7-7.5 inches) and offset 50-52mm. You could probably go as low as 46 mm on the offset, but I would not go any lower. My winter wheels have an offset of 43mm and the front tires rub a little on the inner fender liner with extreme parking lot turns. You are pretty much stuck with 17 inch tires as most smaller rims tend to make contact with the ebrake caliper in the rear. You could probably also get 18 inches wheels with 215/50R18 rubber and 50 mm wheel offset but outside of the looks its not worth extra expense on tires. I got the Blizzak ws90 for the rubber, premium snow tires and they have served me well the last couple of winters. I might try Nokian Hakkapelittas when these wear out.
  4. I am thinking of getting a set of 17 inch wheels and winter tires. I checked the old threads and I think the OEM wheels are 7Jx17 ET50 (7 inch wide and offset +50 mm). Bolt pattern - 5x114.3. Center Bore: 67.1 mm.
    Is this correct?

    Can I re-use the existing lug nuts?

    Any recommendations for TPMS? Are there TPMS that will pair with the car out of the box? I read people had the dealership re-program them.

    Also if you are happy with your choice of rims, would please share some pictures or links? Thanks!
  5. I reused my lugs, nothing special about them. You can use any TPMS sensor that uses 433 MHz frequency. The car picks up their RF ID automatically after driving a few miles.

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  7. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    I ordered 16" MSW alloy rims/tires/sensors off of TireRack. They arrive ready-mounted and you just swap them out.
    Jack points are like any uni-body car - just ahead of the rear tire, and just behind the front tire along the weld seam. Use a hockey puck on your floor jack to keep from dinging up the frame.

    Whether you need new lug nuts depends on the wheels you get. Some wheels take tapered nuts, others take flat nuts. The new rims you get should come with their own lug nuts.

    The rear brake calipers are indeed large - I actually needed to ask my tire shop for more stick-on balancing weights, because where TireRack stuck the weights, they hit the calipers (yeah, the calipers are within about 1/8" of the inside of my wheels!)

    For a more factory look, pop the little plastic Hyundai emblem out of the center of your cars wheels, and snap them into the winter tires (or you can order another set of Hyundai hubs).
  8. tox

    tox New Member

    What width are your winter rims? 7.5"? I'm looking at getting some rims and like you, I don't just want basic steelies. Looking at TireRack however it seems almost all of the options are 17x7.5" w/ a 45mm offset. It seems like this should have been ok but your comment about rubbing has me a bit worried now.
  9. Yes I believe they are the 7.5 inch width. The rubbing only occurs on the plastic inner wheel liner when reversing in full wheel lock, does not happen in forward steering or driving straight-line. Its mildly annoying and I can live with it. I believe its more a function of offset than wheel width, the aggressive snow tires tread is also likely a couple mm wider than advertised. The car's tolerances for the 17 inch OEM tire are very tight otherwise.
  10. I went with the dull-looking OEM wheels for winter and bought a different set for summer for some extra bling. Summer rims are now RSSW cruiser in the OEM size 17x7 with 45mm offset. No rubbing at all with the stock nexens on these wheels. I found that many of the online and in-store wheel sellers wanted to sell me wheels with 38mm-ish offset but that might have ended in grief based on what APU reports above, so be careful when you buy your wheels. I got them from 1010 tires for $149 each. 1010 said I needed tuner nuts (ugh) but the OEM 21mm lugnuts fit fine. My original plan was to buy some used wheels from a Hyundai or Kia, but there was no real savings when I shopped on Kijiji so why take the risk? I had my local tire shop install Autel TMPS and program them. The Autel TMPS registered quickly after the changeover. I tried letting air out of one tire and the warning came on, and disappeared after I pumped it back up. So all good there. The RSSW wheels are also a lot lighter than the OEM ones, and that makes me wonder why Hyundai spent their wheel weight budget on heavy rims but no spare tire. Oh well, that's an easy remedy on these forums. Here's a look at the RSSWs: Kona wheels 001.JPG Kona wheels 002.JPG Kona wheels 003.JPG
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