Windshield washer nozzle position

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Raymondca, Jul 14, 2019.

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    I gave up putting RainX on the windshield with my last car: Too much work. I just buy the RainX brand washer fluid, and it seems to work as well.

    We have slush in the winter, so I ended up using about 1 gallon of the stuff on my windshield through the winter. Still has the rain flying off.
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    Ken, I just couldn't stop myself!

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    I bought the clean and water repellent 2 in 1. Cleaning is fine. Didn’t see very good water repelling. Maybe 2 in 1 is not as good.

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  5. Mowcowbell

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    You can use Meguiars Quik Wax on those parts you mentioned. I use it on all my exterior glass and painted surfaces as well. Spritz it on, buff it out with a microfiber cloth.
  6. David Towle

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    Yes I recall the rain droplets to be mesmerizing to watch, not great if the driver loses his concentration on the road!
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  7. MPower

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    Thank you @KentuckyKen et al. for your advice. I now feel prepared for my first adventure in car potions. Maybe someday I will actually wash the car (and pigs may also fly)!
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  9. Rick Davis

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    Reply. My experience also. For me, not enough spray to completely wet the driver side blade; top third stays dry. Many are recommending using Rainx or equivalent. I'm working with Honda CS and two dealers who clearly do NOT state it works adequately and will not commit to solving. Still working with them.
  10. tim

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    I finally took my car to the Honda dealer, and the mechanic found that my fluid nozzle was incorrectly positioned. Now the fluid goes to the right places, although the amount of fluid is still not that great. I had assumed that since the nozzles were mounted on the wiper arms that they couldn't be adjusted, but apparently they can be adjusted.
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  11. Anecdotally, I understand that RainX works very well for antique cars with vertical windshields.
    The curse of modern, sloped windshields is that while gravity pulls the drops down, the wind from driving pushes them up. In a Model T, gravity's gonna win every time.
  12. MPower

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    Thanks for the info. Next time I take the car in, i am going to ask them to check the adjustment on mine.
  13. Sthomasa

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    Had the top of wiper smear and dribble fluid problem. Discovered a button on driver door. Top left, in series of four. At a light push it, when hearing motor stop, take clear plastic container usually located, near parking brake button. Remove top. Reach out window and shake water bottle all over windshield... wiper washer then works well.
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    Took a slow-mo video of the wipers. You can see the top nozzle is a bit oddly positioned.

    This system found on Mercedes and Some Tesla's has the seem same concept, but work much better. They are made by Bosch as well IIRC.

    The model 3 seems to have a similar system as ours

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  15. Tek_Freek

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    I can't remember if I mentioned this before.

    For the Honda cover on the front buy a package of screen protector sheets for phones/tablets. Use a piece of cardboard to make a template the shape of the cover. Cut a bunch of the protectors to that shape. Put one one the cover and when it gets dirty remove it and put on a new one. Should work on the back as well.

    Not something I bother with as rain/snow are rare in Las Vegas.

    Someone, somewhere, mentioned a good wax they use that allows quick removal of bugs, etc.
  16. Tek_Freek

    Tek_Freek Active Member

    Two things with the wiper squirting poorly.

    I used a small brad to clear the little openings and it made a big difference. I wonder if junk got in there during shipping?

    Someone mentioned that they can be realigned. Again using a small brad or pin.

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