Which type of charger electric car have?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Farooqui OWAIS, May 4, 2018.

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  1. Farooqui OWAIS

    Farooqui OWAIS New Member

    I mean do they have some kind of standards for changing port or they all use different. If one has a Tesla and he /she wants to charge his/her car then... Can he/she use other car charges to charge his/her car... Like can we charge tesla from BMW charger or.... Vice versa

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  3. eMotorWerks

    eMotorWerks New Member

    Hi Farooqui,

    Unfortunately this is different all over the world. For North America, all electric cars that aren't Tesla use the J1772 connector for level 1 (120 volt) and Level 2 (240 volt) charging. Tesla uses thier own proprietary connector. However, Tesla provides their owners with an adaptor so Teslas can charge on any of the L1 & L2 stations in North America. The owners of other manufacture's EVs can purchase an adapter (sold by 3rd party companies) to charge their cars on any of the Tesla Destination chargers, which charge at 240 volts.

    However, when you move up to high speed charging, called DC Fast Charge, then it gets more complicated as there are three different standards, (Tesla, CCS & CHAdeMO) and there's currently only a Tesla to CHAdeMO adapter available, so Tesla owners that have the adapter ($400 cost) can use a CHAdeMO station. None of the other adapters are currenty available (Tesla to CCS, CCS to CHAdeMO or CHAdeMO to CCS). However, even with an adapter, a CCS or CHAdeMO car wouldn't be able to use a Tesla DC Fast charge station (called Superchargers) because those stations have an authentication process that identifies the car to make sure it is authorized to use the station, and only Tesla's cars are authorized.

    I hope that helps!

    The eMotorWerks Support Team
  4. Laimonas

    Laimonas New Member

    It depends of what car you have and in which country you are living. As there is main 3 regions as North America, EU and Asia. You have different types of EV and different types of EV charging plugs. You can find more info about plugs types for ev's here: https://evchargeplus.com/ev-charging-cable-types/

    As well make sure you know how much of amps you electric car can take when you are charging. In some cases not all car can be charged more quickly as it depends on the manufacturer and the charging station.

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