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Discussion in 'General' started by prestoOne, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. prestoOne

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    Hi. I live in Southern Ontario and the temps in the winter are generally -10C to 0C. Occasionally they go lower and hit -20C in the winter.

    I have a garage but like to keep my car outside all year. Soon I will have a Clarity (Lithium Ion).

    Aside from the morning battery warm up is there a downside like reduced battery life from keeping it outside all year?
  2. Dchapman110

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    I have a neighbour with a Volt and it never sees the garage. There are plenty of articles out there from western Canada where the cold is more extreme than here. You should check those articles out.

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  3. prestoOne

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    I don't know where your neighbor lives.
    What articles?

    Just want to know if the cold will have an effect on the life of the battery.
  4. Dchapman110

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    I am in the GTA. Check out green car reports.com. You will find a lot of articles that talk about both extreme heat and extreme cold.

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