Where to put keys and fob in summer

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by KonaTom, Sep 9, 2019.

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  1. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    I found it a nuisance with my keys in summer when I wasn’t wearing a jacket. Found these key hooks at Canadian tire (also saw them and Home Depot). Seems to work well.
    See below for photo
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  3. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member


    Here’s photo
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  4. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    I'll look for your car and take it for a test ride keys and all.
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  5. styx66

    styx66 New Member

    They never leave my pocket... Whenever they do i end up getting out of the car leaving them behind and have to go back in and get them, since I'm so used to just getting out.
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  6. That would never happen using the Key hook - You would have a constant rattle to remind you to take your keys with you (at least with my keys)
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  8. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    Not much rattle with this so far. I usually have a cell phone in pocket and I didn’t want the keys in back pockets, and didn’t want to place it on wireless charge pad, and when I placed it in other places I would often forget them. Also, I always lock the doors when exiting, so I will never leave the keys there. At least they visible as I get up.
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  9. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member

    I have mine on a carabiner and the biner attached to my pants belt loop. Seems to work the best.
    Wouldn't want to forget my keys in the car and give someone a free Kona EV lol

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