Where is the SEC prosecution of Einhorn and Chanos?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 5, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Why isn't the SEC prosecuting the fraudulent shorts and distorts? Einhorn shorts (despite his history of massive losses) and then just recently was claiming Tesla is like Lehman- this is short and distort and seems orders and magnitude more egregious than a technicality on the a take private announcement. Chanos routinely says Tesla is worth zero while shorting- and this short and distort type claim against a firm that has been dominating the global luxury market and is now the first American firm to break into the top 4 cars solds in forever and is set to take the first spot and do it with electrics. These Einhorn and Chanos type claims are false on their face type claims.

    If Musk's statements harmed any group it was the short and distort frauds but they shouldn't have been allowed to short and distort in the first place because its fraud which the SEC is supposed to police. Further, it didn't harm them by much in comparison to the regular billions they are used to losing in attempting to short and distort Tesla. Further still it was a necessary disclosure. The short and distorts appear to be involved in a systematic campaign to damage the brand's good will beyond their attempts to simply depress the share price and deny it access to capital markets. Where is the SECs investigation of this massive vandalism? Again, SEC needs to be investigated. Maybe the actual Tesla investors investors as opposed to the fraudulent saboteurs (short and distorts and apparently groups like ISS and Black Rock) need to file charges through the SEC first. But they also need to bring the FBI in to look at the SEC and the harm it did to the Tesla stock in trying to protect the frauds and make them seem legitimate. SEC has inflicted huge losses on Tesla shareholders and appears rightly dubbed the "Short Enrichment Commission"

    Its seems that Musk and Tesla for trying to protect the company from fraud perpetrated against it are being punished by the same regulator that should have been doing the protection and punished massively and unjustly with gag order type arrangements and actions meant to depress the stock and distract from its recent incredible successes- appears absolutely conspiratorial and corrupt.

    Sorry Musk gave notice, even warned the frauds. The short thesis is stupid, you have to be an idiot to buy the kind of stuff Chanos puts forward on Tesla. Also warned the stock would be volatile for some time to come but not volatile through damages apparently intentionally created by a public agency that should be safe guarding the public not undermining it.
    SEC apparently didn't do its due diligence and really didn't gain any context for its action. Appears to have been lobbied or shorted and distorted itself by the same bad actors.
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