When will it really make sense for Automakers to push EV sales?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mark W, May 14, 2018.

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    It seems that Tesla is currently the only automaker that is really interested in selling as many EVs as they can. Hopefully, they will get to a point soon where it makes sense for them to sell a Model 3 at $35,000.00.

    It seems that GM made quite an investment in producing the Bolt. I have heard though that they lose money on every one they sell. Is that true? They can't make money selling a $35,000 - $40,000 EV?

    Nissan has the Leaf. It starts at $30,000, but I would think most people would opt for one that costs around $35,000. Their sales have not been great in the U.S. yet for the new 2018 model. They don't seem to be making many deals on leases or purchases to push them.

    The Honda Clarity seems like a great car. Outside of Tesla, the one EV that has a roomy back seat and is luxurious inside. But the BEV has range of only 89 miles so it's clear they are not trying to really sell those, and the PHEV version is not selling well either. The Hyundai Ionic is a similar case although focused more on a lower price, trading luxury. Neither the BEV or PHEV seems to be available in numbers.

    This is all with a tax credits that in many states total almost $10,000! What happens when Tesla, GM, and Nissan lose the federal tax credit? I would think that would kill sales for GM and Nissan. I think right now, prices are high enough where demand is not too high, but prices can't be any lower because they don't make any money on them?

    I guess it's going to take an advance in battery technology to make it so they can sell BEV's profitably?

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