When is Porsche going to announce the Taycan delay?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Sorry actual mileage in the low 200s because of using NEDA to mislead and 0-60 in 3.5 isn't remotely good enough. It will lead to returns and a backlash. Guessing Porsche will have to announce at least a year delay in its launch schedule for Taycan- it happened with other VW products. Now I know the Taycan is more of a Model 3 Performance competitor- that is the car it will have to beat at the track but right now it can't do it and it will get stomped on range and where it compares to the upgraded S it will also come up short.

    But Porsche as a brand will launch against the Tesla Roadster and against that its first real offering as it is looks to be a decade behind which I am guessing will irrevocably damage Porsche's standing- it will become a permanent legacy brand at that point. Do people sit around and reminisce about their old Blackberry phones? Do they put the phones on display or put pictures of them on the walls? NO! Tesla might be able to erase Porsche's past and its future. Maybe not, but the threat is very real. Guessing Tesla is the biggest challenge Porsche has ever faced.

    Let us remember where we're at, Tesla just started making a S with real range closer to 400 miles. When the Maxwell caps and the new model 3 style cells go into that S the range could be over 500 miles. Nice how when the range goes up the charge speed increases.
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    I read somewhere that it will be revealed in September this year.

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