When has Lutz ever been right about Tesla?

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Lutz has a new article in R&T where he tries to say the Model Y styling is bad. Wrong, its the best styled product Tesla has yet produced and the most refined! He tries to say its redundant and will cannibalize the Model 3. Wrong, the Model 3 has 43 cubic interior, only half a foot short of a Mercedes SUV (see below,) but the Model Y has 66ft and a new analysis (below) shows the Model Y destroying all ICE SUVs along all important specs. He tries to say it will be late- no way not with 3/4 shared parts with Model 3, and the different parts coming from Tesla itself and it being 20 month off and able to be produced on essentially the same lines and where the wiring requirements are reduced by 10x along with other manufacturing and const improvements and where the production systems are already proven in place. He tries to say it won't be profitable or will be too expensive- all just utter nonsense, the margins should be higher than for Model 3 some have estimated 30%- the best in the industry. He once again tries to say the company goes out of business- right just for this first quarter of 2019 with the industry way down as a whole there were 27000 orders for Model 3 to the EU so far- could hit 30K, now double that if you add China and multiply by 4x for the year for over seas- that and then just repeat what happened in the US last year and that is 400K model 3s with another 10K for the Model X and Model 3 for 2019, a large increase over last year. He tries to cast doubt on the Semi truck ever arriving when pre orders just went up and its been in testing with customers for a year or more.


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    About Bob Lutz and his absurd or crazy anti-Telsa rants and complaints...

    Reminds me of a story my Dad told when I was young. Seems there was this lad not known for being exactly bright; you could offer him a nickel or a dime, and he'd take the nickel because it was bigger. Finally someone took pity on the lad and explained to him that the dime was worth twice the nickel. "Sure, I know that," replied the lad. "But if I started taking the dime, they would stop giving me nickels." ;)

    If Bob Lutz started saying things about Tesla that actually make sense, he'd soon stop getting interviewed.
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    Parked in the driveway at 4:30 PM.

    On my L2 charger as I type.

    Bob Wilson
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    Congratulations, Bob! That's your new Model 3?

    But isn't there a more appropriate thread in which to post your good news?


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