What Musk's Pravda needs.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 23, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Musk's idea of Prada is really a super critical necessity right now. Prada stands for True or truth. You must know that we needs relationships based on trust and truth and friendship and work that is based on friends working together in what feels like play with passion. The world desperately needs this right now. No more fear and coercion and terror and lies, no more sponsorship-censorship-bribery which leads to downward spiral people as property society for the sake of business negative path that we've been on.

    What Pravda really should be is open, honest unsponsored search based on server-less semantic mesh type technology. Tim Berners Lee has endorsed SAFE Network or MaidSAFE's tech maidsafe.com and it looks likes like his semantic web Solid project will be aligned with and made compatible with it. You see the questions we ask determine more than anything what our life experience will be and hence our quality of life. It is a matter of the quality and quantity of our questions asked and answered through self inquiry and exploration. This is also the best mechanism for customer relations because it means it becomes a matter of relationship and education and not spin and lies with deceptive advertising industry that poisons our politics.

    The reason we have bribery based law or law as crime is we have bribery based sponsored media that filters candidates and enables lobbying. It is beyond idiotic that it takes money for candidates to run. We are literally paying the same entities that censor our vote by censoring candidate selection and putting hooks in candidates on behalf of sponsors as a precondition to running. The sponsors out right own sponsored media. The candidates even incumbents spend all their time pimping and prostituting themselves out to monied corrupt interests- think ALEC. Its a recipe for civil war. When we see the prosecution of entities like ALEC you'll know we're on the right path.

    Take the case of Edmunds. What is up with that. Was Edmunds paid by its sponsors or was staff threatened with say compromising photos etc. Was that a precondition to being part of the censorship/sponsorship/bribery clan?

    We need 3 things almost in order. The end of sponsored media. There can be no greater conflict of interest in society- cannot have paid liar media. A 100% green economy as fast as humanly possible. I am the hard left when it comes to viewpoints and can't stand to see the stupid or fake left in the UAW embracing petrol to screw over workers. Nothing is enslaving Amercan's faster than petrol fuel energy and that has been the case for 50 years. Its been hollowing everything out with derivatives and rent seeking destruction of the public sector. Finally we need high indexed guaranteed annual incomes. Capital has been dead for 50 years and the baby sitter fake economy has been stringing the public along while hollowing out the very public sector that could hold defunct fraudulent capital accountable. At this point post solution of the economic problem no one should be doing anything for money that they otherwise wouldn't anymore. Base of Maslow's pyramid should be straight up covered for everyone, no more wage slave prostitution. The competitive wage is the wage that allows one to be come a competitor- so if you make air craft parts for Boeing it should pay enough to make you competitor to Boeing.

    We can go two ways. We can go toward artificial reality and a detraction society- defunct capital's path of least resistance, or go toward an open membership open collaborative economy where we replace rent seeking obsolete ownership with pay as we go membership based systems free of conflicts of interest.

    We are on the edge of a radical period of transparency where transparency greatly aids privacy and proper assertion of rights claims for justice and undermines elitist enclosure toll roads and organizational secrecy. A world where it becomes impossible to engage in stupid Machiavellian style politics. No it won't make tax evasion easier. People have to start to understand that money is tax and tax is money it has never been otherwise and can never be otherwise as long as there is money. Tax is the coercive force behind money that gives it its mind share. Money has been a mechanism we used to control each other. But you cannot control another person without enslaving yourself. That is the rule, for it is in giving that we receive and if you give control you get controlled. Regardless, the rampant fraud in the world is coming down, the derivative ponzi scam insuring blind already defaulted assets (petrol scarcity inducing scam- to save defunct capital) is coming down.

    I'd like to point out another myth. Given the way tax works there is no such thing as big business there is only big government. The tax power controls it all with the strings implied in tax based demand creation and the basic welfare dependent status of every big business. People today want money to be free of it, they should be born free of it. Money should only be on voluntary terms. No more economic enslavement.

    While we are telling the truth I'd like to comment on the BBC. To me the BBC is the definition of a terrorist organization. It exists to spread fear and lies to divide people to serve the misguided interests of a criminal elite oppressor class unjustly enriched by ill-gotten gain whose net contribution is radically negative and who should be facing total asset forfeiture and criminal prosecution and should not be in a position to propagandize the world.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Also need a money tracker on these people. If you take money from sponsors you're not a journalist you're a prostitute who gets paid to lie, actually prostitutes are generally honorable being a paid liar isn't.

    So we need to know who is paying these for hire liars. One instance of being paid by the Kochs should ruin a journalists career because it will shown they have no integrity taking money from those government tit sucking maximum corporate welfare queens that ***** about benefits to single mothers with children incessantly projecting like no one in history. Women already work for free relative to what people like the Kochs took from their families in the US, its so bad that even with 2 incomes parents latch key their kids and their kids are raised by strangers. Our quality of life and standard of living has literally been stolen in large part due to artifical scarcity inducing petrol intentionally brought in (or extended and made central) to make it seem like rent seeking defunct capital and capitalists were still relevant. One of the biggest jokes in the world right now is the notion of 'big business' like the Kochs. These are pure welfare cases.

    Tesla and green energy are a bit different. But in general there is no such thing as big business there is just big government because tax is money and money is tax and tax controls and always has. You can completely control a so called big business with a 2% tax difference. These welfare cases pay taxes at the federal level (whining that they'd like turn corporations into tax shelters for the purposes of federal taxes) and then they get much of it back at the state and local level where they take about $98 dollars for every $2 they actually pay, but that $2 is enough to steer and control year in and year out. Starting to see how they are pure welfare cases? 1/3 of the demand in society is from tax, always has been and that's the prime mover the coercion and mind share behind money- funny taxless money doesn't get off the ground because because its generally been a mechanism we've used to control each other (aside from societies that elminate the problem of money and its imposition as they should for most people.) As of 1970 the US was already a fully planned top down centralized economy, no different than the USSR in essence- think there was big business in the the USSR? Well there is no big business in the US either, aside from constructive organizations its just all government tit sucking pathetic welfare queens that do nothing but project about their pathetic-ness, its all just big government. Nothing more moronic than the idea of free market- markets don't self regulate anymore than fish aquariums, but choice is still powerful.

    Always see two types that are most pathetic off all and essentially identical. The rationalist, realist phoney skeptic materialists. These are the dumbest most clueless and most pathetic people on the planet, many tend to be hyper conservative but liberal or conservative they have the least clue about anything of anyone but project this cluelessness onto others constantly having no clue about their state- tend also to be calculator heads or number skulls like idiot savants only with islands of viewpoint or awarness. Almost identical to these people are fundmentalists religionists. Conscious or unconscious both tend to be driven by fear of the power of the p*ssy.

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