What kind of pressure were the Saudis under if they backed out? (temporarily?)

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 28, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Musk is saying he thought he had a deal with the Saudis. Have a strong suspicion that there will be on going evidence of negotiations which seems like it would unwind the SEC allegations. Musk is too smart to fall for Lucy with the foot ball and Mid East culture still allows verbal witnessed agreements like a hand shake to move titanic sums and it seems inconceivable that someone at the top like an MBS would allow for confusion on these matters.

    Think there must have been some kind of pressure and we can guess from where because it would fit with seeming insanity of the SEC suit. But it also seems that the SEC allegations would then fall apart as material comes forward- which make sit seem like maybe the SEC didn't think through its case beyond a settlement agreement which seemed wholly unreasonable (2 years away- interesting number where'd they get it(?)) and then scrambled and made mistakes?

    It is very easy to understand why SA wants to modernize and find a new basis for its economy. SA has been attempting to divest its petrol assets for a while now and certainly before this current attempt at a deal. Their leadership wants a strong future for the country beyond the petrol age. If you note whats been in the news about an apparent shake up in the established order or a rearranging there seems to be no reason to doubt this. Seems clear there is a recognition of the challenges to come and a willingness to apply resources for the good of humanity in the present and future.

    Love to see them still do a deal (as long as their was zero dilution of vision and an even more aggressive schedule resulting) and maybe the SEC has made that suddenly more plausible. Wouldn't ever want to see VW in the mix which seemed to be what Goldman was pushing- that would seem crazy- they have a CEO in prison for petrol offenses that they are keeping as head and their Audi etron they won't offer at dealers and will only do compliance numbers. Porsche is more promising but again only compliance numbers and doing massive transparent stupidity by not wanting to discount its charging and making sure its coming from petrol with Ionity- compliance numbers are not as bad a deal for a boutique maker but the Taycan which is still a ways off looks like the only possible partial competition for Tesla on actual product terms aside from Kia. I am skeptical of Jaguar. Did note that SA bought into VW though, so maybe that was part of it?

    Way for the SEC to have egg on its face: Saudis back up what Musk said (unraveling their case presumably) and then deal goes through now that the SEC lowered the firm's price- short burn of the Century.
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