What is in media on newest Tesla crash seems beyond fishy.

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Mar 31, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    The owner of the X was apparently a programmer who worked for Apple, someone that liked Tesla products quite a bit and would have been very aware of the limits of Autopilot if that were at fault although per Tesla it was on at the time of the wreck.

    Supposedly the owner claims brought to the attention of the Tesla outlet that the vehicle had veered toward that barrier 7-10x prior to the actual crash, establishing that if there were an issue the driver would have very likely been alert to it especially with the auto pilot on after an update in the same area where there were already problems the driver was supposedly personally aware of.

    Also strange was a reported 5 seconds of unobstructed view and ignored warnings prior to collision.

    Also Tesla reported hundreds of thousands of passes by the scene of the accident with AP engaged by drivers without issue.

    And very curiously right before the accident the safety device on the freeway that would have saved the driver had been removed in a prior accident but not replaced.

    This was also the worst damage Tesla had ever seen to one of its vehicles.

    The news coincided with a bunch of other negative news that seemed contrived hitting Tesla at a critical time, also hitting Uber for self driving vehicles and also including the fall of the GM stock (remember the box theory- there is a petrol panic when Tesla stock goes above GM's)

    It also coincided with the new release of an Autopilot update which appears to be a leap in quality beyond the first auto pilot or anything else out there.

    There was some symbolism in the big Auto pilot 1 crash that was kind of calling card if you're paying attention symbolism.

    Odd that the driver would have lapsed there given the supposedly heightened scrutiny, and if the driver lapsed the warnings should have roused him and the AP2 should have avoided the obstacle and the safety barrier should have saved him and this wasn't an ordinary driver this was someone likely to be substantially more knowledgeable about such system if AP played a role.

    This sounds like sabotage or some other kind of foul play, hope the investigation is sound and not rigged. The vehicle was tore in half and cored out, bunch of silly noise was again made about cleaning up electric cars as if... Electric autonomy cars are a huge threat to petrol because they mean people who don't have a house with a garage can just avoid owning a car and move on to the 18x reduction of cars on the road and 10x reduction in what they spend on transport including savings on all that time not spent idling in traffic. Driverless cars aren't not a good match for petrol and never will be.

    I wish Tesla the best, if there is some sort of tampering I hope they can link it back and expose it.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Like to add to the above the incident where an oil executive was attempting to impersonate Musk to the CFO to get at information.

    The crash seems a bit like this scene from Patriot Games:

    Very telling Forbes article that tries in its title to suggest that Autopilot is definitely responsible for the crash but the tries to say way it think Tesla is trying to place the blame elsewhere before noting in conclusion Teslas stock is still not that much under GM's (remember what I've said elsewhere on this boxing in.) Sponsored media hates Tesla for not funding their censorship platform BS that destroys representation in democracy- they hate the idea that products and dominate without paying them off for their censorship sponsor screening platform. But Forbes just hates Tesla because its petrol captured, some of the worst articles coming from the.

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