What challenge to Tesla's competitive moat?

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. 101101

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    Waymo may have crossed first but the driver of autonomy has been Tesla. Whi solved the intermittancy problem, or at least who will get credit for it? Tesla. Who produced the full viable cord cutting vision? Tesla. Who actuallt made solar roofs beautiful.

    The competition lacks vision and is unmotivated. Even bankruptcy for GM only produced the Bolt, a care that is't 1/5 what the model 3 is, that isn't even a Blackberry to Tesla's iPhone.

    Take Tesla's new roadster vs the Porche Mission E. Porsche isn't serious its just trying not to canabalize its existing line up while trying to say it will still be around in a decade. But look at the expected numbers and and torque in particular. Mission E as currently conceived won't even be the best Porsche let alone something remotely competitive with the roadster. Maybe that is why Tesla was able to take Porsches interior designer. Also some of the mission E mechanicals have be shown and its strewn with high profile space eating legacy ice parts, its not even a clean design. And this is boutique Porsche which should be best able to respond.

    Take Volvo. Their commitment to pure EV is admirable but for a good while they will be coming at Tesla with a hybrid or PHEV- come one.

    And Tesla has tricks up its sleeve. There is talk that Tesla is looking at flying cars- but lets be clear there is no car left in these. Guessing Lillium caught Musk's attention. Lillium is the kind of firm that is needed to challenge Tesla- that is the level of vision and design.

    Take adding solar to the Semi trailer- guessing it could add 15% or more if the covered everything that could be covered and not just the roof. Weight addition might matter. But its a back up and a nice efficiency increment. Becomes way more attractive in convoy, maybe 30%-40%? 700 mile range but at less than 7 cents a kwh...
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