What are Tesla and Amazon really about?

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    They are becoming: vertically Integrated Data/AI-Logistics & Decentralized Green Energy firms. What they are not is simply tech firms. This aren't reducible to the silicon valley or the silicon cost.

    Tesla's only true competitor so far seems to be Amazon. Both will use similar processes bottom to top. Both will use quantum computing to optimize routing of vehicles and data and the stacking order of warehouse items. Both are pursing AI. Both will cover their vehicles and facilities in solar cells, even the vertical surfaces. Tesla seems a bit more vertically integrated in that it is designing its own chips and solar cells and has batteries and does its own motors and vehicle building and will apparently do its own batteries right down to presumably robotic lithium mining and owing of the raw land. Both do software.

    Both do aerospace that is becoming fully green. Both will transport people without middlemen. Both will do autonomously driven vehicles. We will see convoys of electric trucks covered in solar panels and retrofitted trains where the diesel generators have been replaced with batteries and the cars covered with solar cells (covered in a transparent easily replaceable think film with cameras to prevent graffiti- maybe even small detachable flying cameras that help police initially locate masked sprayers.) Both will do flying drones (Amazon already is) and the flying car equivalents. Tesla is involved in public infrastructure with its batteries and solar and boring company subways (and the needed right of ways.) Both will have to get into clean green electric aviation and marine freight- Amazon is already into air-freight.

    What these two firms do is pair decentralized green energy (Amazon is behind on green) with data in a way that drives the machine of society- society is already cybernetic- Musk's Neural link and his involvement with Open AI prefigure this. Funny that it reaches into the bubba scape with a cyber truck- it reaches that deep that fast. Musk's notion of the machine that builds the machine will become also the machine that repairs and recycles the machine. These solid state systems don't break all at once they degrade with predictable replacement part schedules. Tesla will provided data to people and businesses as well through Starlink.

    What seems to enable the vertical integration is the merger of solid state and AI/Data- making it possible to do things from the ground up and do it with minimum foot-print and do it in a way that self-insures and moderates the VAT exposure that crypto is driving even as crypto simply leads to government crypto and bank disintermediation. None of this is surprising it is the robot of society, its energy and data animating the machine of society. Both firms are building that and logic of each pieces place in this chain is self-reinforcing. Google had: to organize the world's data. This is like: to organize the worlds matter. When Amazon doubled its order over night by going from 2 day to same day you see this driver of vertical integration. You see this aggregation of Prime as a form of verticality. It seems self-evident. Like if you said what is the first technology Super Intelligence would be most likely to build if it deemed it possible and and within reach? A time machine, because a Time Machine plus SI equals the matrix as the ultimate in logistics and statistically we're already in that already but it might be running that recursively.

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