What app are you using for checking obd info?

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by Luis Abreu, Jan 9, 2022.

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  1. Luis Abreu

    Luis Abreu Member

    Hello guys.

    I've bought an obd adapter:


    What apps are you using to get info form from the adapter? I've tried car scanner but it doesn't have a mini profile and I'm not sure if that influences the results displayed by the app...

    BTW, has anyone checked the soh of the car after the first year?

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  3. Being using Bimmercode for years. Easy to use, and allows for some great mods. Check out the forum for posts that will give you various mods, and the Bimmercode pathway to set them up. I've just checked your OBD adaptor (for android), and it is compatable with Bimmercode if thats the one you go for. If your using IOS, then you will need the OBDLink MX or CX according to Bimmercode site. Hope this helps.
  4. Luis Abreu

    Luis Abreu Member


    I'll do that.
  5. Before you buy the full version, you can use it in demo mode, just to give you an idea of what its like.
  6. Carsten Haase

    Carsten Haase Well-Known Member

    EVs are not required to comply with the OBD standard and do not use the same PIDs (data names/units) so most universal OBD apps do not work. PIDs need to be decoded so not the easiest thing to do.

    BimmerCode works for changing settings but it does not read any sensors or car data.

    So far I believe the only apps that can read data are "mi3" (iPhone) or "electrified" (Android) and they don't provide as much info as ICE cars.
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  8. Carsten Haase

    Carsten Haase Well-Known Member

    BimmerLink doesn't work for EVs. I tried it but the sensor data section does not show. The dev currently has no plans to make it work either...
  9. That clears that up. Thanks for pointing that out. Wish they’d update their site and make that clear☹️
  10. Tren

    Tren New Member

    The BMW i3 profile in Car Scanner Elm Obd2 should work in Mini Electric. It has very good trip logging functionality.

    There's another app for BMW i3: Electrified (probably only on Android).
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  12. methorian

    methorian Well-Known Member

    There's the electrified app on Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bremeier.ralf.electrified&hl=en_US&gl=US

    And there's also the mi3 app on the Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/no/app/mi3/id1548538352

    Both of those will give you lots of useful info, and should work fine for the Mini. I've used them both for my i3 to get battery info and whatnot.
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  13. JonR

    JonR Well-Known Member

    I tried Electrified over the weekend with my Veepeak OBD2 adapter and it didn't work correctly. I use the same adapter with Bimmercode so I know it works just fine. With Electrified, it connects and starts refreshing the different widgets showing different metrics but after 20 seconds, it suddenly disconnects.

    I tried to reconnect multiple times but it wouldn't connect again.

    After I drove the car and turned it off, I tried again. It was able to connect again, it worked for about 20 seconds, and then disconnected. It again, wouldn't connect again.

    Has anyone else tried Electrified yet?
  14. methorian

    methorian Well-Known Member

    I have used it with my i3 on a few occasions and never had issues. I never used to for extended periods of time, but certainly for longer than 20 seconds.

    I know I've had issues getting it to connect initially, but after that it was fine.
  15. Tren

    Tren New Member

    Electrified and CarScanner worked correctly. Initial connection might be slow, but there were no dropouts.

    Electrified connected straight away, but as Car Scanner works in many different EVs (Enyaq, Kona, Mach-E, Bolt ...), correct car profile should be selected (BMW i3) to get data from Cooper SE.
  16. DJCoopster

    DJCoopster Well-Known Member

    Old post, but yeah I have the same issue with Electrified and my Veepeak.
  17. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    It's good to update old posts with current info--even if nothing has changed. Thanks!
  18. Darrell Hayes

    Darrell Hayes Member

    I usually get about a minute or so with veepeak + electrified. If it doesn't fill all the fields, unplug the veepeak and try again
  19. pictsidhe

    pictsidhe Well-Known Member

    Both my veepeak and my cheapo ebay elm will drop the connection with electrified after filling the fields. I'm pretty good at timing my screenshots now...

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