Volvo XC40 Recharge - typical Volvo Unreliable?

Discussion in 'XC40 Recharge' started by John Kim, Jul 5, 2021.

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  1. Lynn K Read

    Lynn K Read New Member

    I have a thread of multiple emails since the car was purchased. I'd have to go count them. I've also spoken to them multiple times on the phone.
    The car is sitting at Gunther Delray... tomorrow will be day 3. They have re-loaded the software, reset the console and still can't get my car to hook up to Volvo. I am unable to get the charging, metrics or any of the things you expect when you buy a Volvo. I had a gas XC40 with no issues.

    This car drives wonderful, but I don't have access to Volvo and my console has had to be reset because I lost Maps. The air conditioner didn't work initially but they claimed it was a software thing.. and they fixed it. I am reading, however, that if you have a heat pump it will break again. Very concerned.

    Volvo indicated they may have to buy my car back.. which is sad because this is a software issue. If they cannot fix it and this goes on, I'll file a complaint with Lemon Law in Florida. I saw there is an attorney in New Jersey that I contacted today that does class actions against Volvo.. I told him the issue and said there were others. It's still premature for me.. I've had the car 1 month. If they cannot fix it, they will have to remedy it.

    So far I don't have as many issues as you do.. but I am paying close attention.. if I ever get my car back out of service. I suspect that I may have a similar problem.

    Do you have a heat pump in your car?
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  3. John Kim

    John Kim Member

    It's IHU problem and SW won't fix this issue. Issue with AC compressor, my dealer replaced IHU but frequency of issue reduced but still happening. And AC issue(s) continue happen- dealer indicating that Volvo is aware of this issue and sounds like problem is required part is out of stock for repair and they are dragging the feet. Yes my Volvo XC40 Recharge have heat pump, and I do feel like issue is related to earlier recall issue such that issue was not fully addressed, only fix the lose of power to car. Other issue still happening.
  4. Joe P

    Joe P New Member

    We leased an XC40 Recharge in April. Many problems since then. The worst was that the car was completely dead one evening after 2 months, fortunately I was able to reach Volvo by phone, and they helped to start the car by locating where to place the key. The next day drove it to Volvo dealer, for 2 days they had no idea how to service, fortunately Volvo walked them through it. After over 4 months, the most annoying problems are: (1) our phones do not connect, despite that we have the current software updates, (2) sometimes Google navigation is "offline", (3) cannot connect to Google Play, (4) the car mistakenly detects certain motion that causes the car to suddenly stop, when in fact there is no such motion nearby, (5) inability to set a timer to charge when the rates are lowest. Anyway, I'm sure there are more problems. Volvo gets a 1 out of 10 in their first attempt at an EV. Our other car is a Tesla and we have had no issues in 3 years of ownership.
  5. Hdtvkeith

    Hdtvkeith New Member

    My XC40 Recharge has not been as bad as yours, but still a bit problematic. My P8 has had more done to it and in the shop longer for warranty issues than all my 2 dozen cars over 20 years have been. I have consulted 2 lemon law attorneys to make sure I am documenting well and getting their advice on how to proceed. My car has been out of service 17 days and still counting with no ETA for a permanent fix. At 30 days I have every intent of asking them to buy it back. Such a shame as for a while we thought we would get a second one. I have had IHU replaced, which fixed those issues, but brakes have seized twice now and they already replaced pads/rotors after first replacement.

    I should have known better as Volvo reliability is a mess overall, but the XC40 has been a standout for being decent.
  6. John Kim

    John Kim Member

    I am done with this XC40 Recharge. I just want this junk off from my life. I trade in to another car at loss, I know I could have pursued the Lemon law, too much anguish on my end to keep this garbage. To my surprise, with chip shortage and used car market is way they are now, resale value was pretty high- still my loss. With Federal tax credit, I am pretty much even out.
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  8. Hdtvkeith

    Hdtvkeith New Member

    Lemon law is not that hard. Keep good records and don't accept the car back until an item is fixed, make them engage Volvo and you should engage Volvo to work with the dealer. I am at 23 days out of service, at 30 days or 3 attempts you can have a lawyer do all the work. They don't charge you, they charge the car company. Many states after 3 attempts at same issue will make you send a demand letter giving them a final attempt. Most lawyers that do lemon law will review your case and let you know where you stand.
  9. John Kim

    John Kim Member

    My XC40 was in repair for 22 days in last 3 months and 5 attempts to fix the issue, I could have pursued the lemon law. But, I am too angry about whole situation to keep this car. End of the day, what's the price of mental health, I am just happy that I will break even after federal tax deduction. I finally slept well last night after trade-in XC40 with other car.
  10. Hdtvkeith

    Hdtvkeith New Member

    You may want to research the tax credit, the tax form states "you own the car" and I have been trying to get clarity on what that means, I owned it then but may not own it when I file. What did you trade it for? Another EV? I am determined to stay EV and the issue now is all of the current EVs are bug riddled, including the mighty Tesla.
  11. John Kim

    John Kim Member

    I brought gas only car, I am done with EV for now. And by IRS definition, all it means that did you purchase the EV ( doesn't matter car is loan or not). Leasing the car doesn't get tax deduction, this is my 3rd EVs ( Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model 3, and Volvo XC40 Recharge), I am pretty sure about IRS rule on tax deduction is same and hasn't changed.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2021
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