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Discussion in 'Volt' started by Rob Kaulfuss, Oct 13, 2017.

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  1. Rob Kaulfuss

    Rob Kaulfuss New Member

    Low-profile tires seem to be the rage. While they Gen 2's 17-inch wheels and 215/50-series tires are not that extreme, the ride was harsher than I would have preferred on the crummy, pothole-riddled streets and highways of the Boston metro area. I went to TireRack.com and you can pick out different size wheels and tires that will fit your vehicle and not change the speed/rotation ratio. To go to a higher profile, 65 series tire, the wheel needs to be 15-inch to keep the overall diameter exactly the same, with the tires slightly narrower. For 15-inch wheels, there was actually only one choice, but they look great. The tires are General Altimax and get a little better gas mileage. Ride over rough roads is much improved and I don't have to be so paranoid of hitting potholes. I didn't really notice a difference in other aspects of handling, although I am sure that aggressive cornering would be affected.

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  3. God

    God Member

    Kudos for giving this a shot, what improves in both range and MPG have you seen?
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  4. Rob Kaulfuss

    Rob Kaulfuss New Member

    Thanks for noticing! Lots of variables for range of course. My daily commute is 34 miles round trip, almost all highway. It is usually wide open, full speed, although rush-hour can sometimes be a parking lot for one of the directions. My best MPGe is 140-145 with slow, heavy traffic, no use of heat or cooling, and Normal Mode (range 65-70). My worst MPGe is around 85-90 for 65-70 mph, use of high heat, and Sport Mode with range of 45-50. I keep the tires at 34-35 psi. I don't record this on paper, though. I drove an eGolf for over 2 years and was use to miles/kWh so I still haven't adjusted fulled to MPGe and often do the miles/kWh in my head.
  5. God

    God Member

    I believe what a lot of people are interested in is did you notice a range/mpg/empg improvement?
  6. Rob Kaulfuss

    Rob Kaulfuss New Member

    Sorry, I guess I didn't really answer your question. Since there are so many variables and I did this fairly early in my ownership before I had really settled into a routine of keeping track of MPGe instead of miles/kWh, which I was so used to from the eGolf, that I am not sure. By describing my MPGe under various driving conditions, I was hoping to give folks something to compare with how they drive. My sense is that my mileage and range improved by a small but noticeable margin, even though my tires are not energy saver. I really did it for the ride quality and ability to handle rough roads and potholes. Hard and fast cornering did take a bit of a hit, though. Hope that helps. Since the new tires are slightly narrower and better rated for snow, I should do better in the winter. On wet roads, the grip is great and I think there was an improvement there.
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