Video: we go hands-on with the Ariya and reveal tons of details

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by Domenick, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    If you're wildly enthusiastic about the the Nissan Ariya or even if your interest has only been mildly piqued, you should watch this video.

    Info about the batteries available and drivetrain configurations and well as a detailed look at the interior. Check out that trick center console!

    If you were on the fence about this vehicle, let us know if this pushes you over the edge.

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  2. Guildenstern

    Guildenstern New Member

    Interior looks great! Not sure about the twin shark fins, though. An EV should keep exterior bodywork smooth.
    Agree with @KyleConner that the small battery AWD set-up might be the best value. E4orce drivetrain will make for a good driving experience,
  3. DJP

    DJP Member

    I really enjoyed the video. It's great to see genuine enthusiasm about Nissan's latest EV and to see the inside of the car "in the flesh". I'm hoping that the final cost in Canada is within my budget range. Nevertheless, I won't be among the first to buy as I want to see how the Inside EVs road test evaluation goes. Please Inside EVs do this sooner than later.
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  4. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    We'll be doing range and charging tests just as soon as we can. We talked about the Ariya a bit today on the Podcast and I seem to be the most positive about it. Nissan has its work cut out for them, getting the message out and convincing buyers to go for this instead of VW ID.4 or Kia Niro EV, or what have you.
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  5. Lainey

    Lainey Active Member

    I have my eye on this one for the future. I have a little more faith in Nissan than I do many brands for EVs. It would be one I'd consider as a replacement for our Civic, but not for a few years. It's too big of a car for me, but I definitely have my eye on this one. I did like the leaf okay, but loose steering and no telescoping wheel had it lose out to my personal pick. Eventually we do want both cars to be EV and this could work.
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  6. DJP

    DJP Member

    We talked about the Ariya a bit today on the Podcast and I seem to be the most positive about it.

    The Podcast was a good listen. It's interesting to listen to Kyle's style of review because he will say very positive things about a car and then manage to find something to undermine his positivity. The point made about Ford and VW thinking big numbers about the production of their cars, made me also wonder what Nissan plans for the Ariya --hopefully not what they have done in North America with the Leaf.

    If you do get to speak with the Nissan engineers, it would be good to find out if they plan to have V2G capabilities with the CCS connection. That's one feature that I wish Nissan would actively promote in North America.
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  7. Tedbase1

    Tedbase1 New Member

    I've owned 6 Datsun/Nissan vehicles, 2 Honda, and 2 Toyota. I went to Honda/Toyota because Nissan started putting out crappy vehicles that were ugly. Glad Ariya is an exception - at least in style. I like it much better than the Mach e/ID.4/Model Y. The other thing Nissan has going for it that isn't emphasized enough is how good the zero gravity seats are.

    I'll put in a reservation but whether I go through with the purchase depends on the cost of AWD with bigger battery in SL or SV with ProPilot 2 and what reviewers have to say. I wouldn't make this purchase if tax credits/rebates weren't available - I'd just go with a hybrid or PHEV until advances in battery technology increased the range and lowered the cost. I also wouldn't buy a BEV without having an ICE/hybrid as a 2nd car for long trips. It would irritate me to have to wait 45 to 60 minutes for the battery to charge every 4 hours (assuming I didn't have to wait for a super charger to become available).
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  8. Calliope

    Calliope Member

    I'm looking forward to the Ariya, but there's no word yet on Canadian release date (so I've been told). I've been a very happy Leaf driver in the city, but my driving patterns have changed and I need a larger battery with liquid cooling. There seem to be a bunch of new BEV coming out in 2021 (this, the ID4, the Volvo, and the Mustang), so I hope to have a lot more choice next year. I hate the look of the Bolt, and the Niro is just too basic. I'd love to see the new Bolt EUV, but that will be at least 2022, and I can't wait that long.
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  9. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    I believe the Bolt EUV, along with the refreshed Bolt EV, will be out next summer (2021).
  10. Calliope

    Calliope Member

    That would be awesome. The more options I have, the better :)
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